14 Men On What They Hate The Most About Being Men

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Found on AskReddit.

1. we can’t be raped

“Apparently if you’re a guy and you get raped by a girl, you’re lucky…”

2. we can’t show weakness

“Being expected to show invulnerability.”

3. we can’t cry

“Being judged negatively for crying or having emotions. We’re human, too.”

4. we can’t be the little spoon

“Always having to be manly; guys like to be the little spoon, too.”

5. we can’t talk to kids

“I can’t talk to a kid that isn’t mine without their parents thinking I’m a predatory pedophile, while any woman can address them unhindered.”

6. we have double the suicide rate of women

“Gonna take a morbid turn and say…at least doubling the suicide rate of women. Turns out, women are more likely to attempt suicide, but men are more likely to do it well. Apparently, trying to better men’s health and rights is consider anti-feminism.”

7. we do double the jail time of women

“Getting double jail time on average. Probably not gonna get custody. Much more likely to be abandoned by family.”

8. the ‘masculinity’ trap

“The pressure of what society deems ‘masculinity’, and how ‘real’ men aren’t supposed to show, or even feel emotion, lest they be accused of being a pussy, or a homosexual, or what have you. That’s not to say I have anything against gay people. Just that if you show even a modicum of emotion, you’re deemed by many of your male counterparts as ‘not a real man.’ And I think that’s total bullshit.”

9. society sees us as expendable

“How much society sees you as expendable and generally just doesn’t give a shit about you.”

10. we pay for the majority of everything

“Being the provider. Paying for the majority of everything. Being expected to earn the money to go to a mortgage, vacations, education for kids, furniture, etc. This comes with having a greater burden to take jobs that make more money but are also much more stressful. Women are more free to pursue interests as their careers (photography, art, music) and can do the same while raising a family. Men don’t have that luxury. Speaking in generalities, of course. There will always be exceptions, but the above is true for the most part.”

11. manning up

“‘Manning up.’ Yes I know I’m a grown man but goddamn sometimes I want to sit down and have a good cry once a year when all the shit going on reaches its max.”

12. we’re typecast as the fool

“Why is it okay to criticize ‘predominantly male’ hobbies like sports, video games, cars, comics, D&D, etc… But it’s not okay to criticize ‘predominantly female’ hobbies? It sure seems like it’s way more okay to laugh at men, while comedy involving women is usually laughing with women. I don’t think many women will ever understand the concept of ‘being the fool.’”

13. we’re treated like creeps

“If I’m walking down the street with a female in front of me I feel like I need to slow down and create a larger gap so she doesn’t feel threatened. I don’t think I come off as creepy in any way but I worry about her feeling of safety.”

14. we’re seen as unemotional

“No matter how masculine we look, we still need affection. Happened in the last three relationships. They thought I was hardcore looking man whose heart can’t be broken. You thought wrong.” TC mark


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  • http://www.comeandentermythoughts.wordpress.com Maritza's Thoughts

    Are you anti-feminist?

  • http://ayitl.wordpress.com ayitl

    There are problems for men too, agreed. But women probably have it harder. Constant precaution to avoid being assaulted being one.

  • http://indepthwoman.wordpress.com indepthwoman

    I appreciate this honesty and also realize this with men, from what they have expressed to me. I’ve only known 2 men to cry in front of me. My brother and my friend from art class. He was so overwhelmed with how his wife was being unfair, that one day she kicked him out and his son and he called me, they stayed over for the night and he just cried and said thank you for being such a good friend. He expressed a lot of these emotions and so did my brother. I don’t know about any other women, but I need a guy that knows how to express himself and come to me, so I can hold him.

    I can’t stand when men have to act tough. If a man is feeling me or needs to express himself, I want him to trust in me and express himself. Men are men and masculine but they are not made of steel. I’ve seen the dark side of what happens when a man (my dad) is masculine and in control all the time and showing no emotion. My dad until this day is a big 65 year old baby, but he acts tough and has been abusive both verbally and physically in the past, because he wasn’t able to show his emotions and thought he was weak, so the only way he could express his hurt was by beating up on my mom or his kids. The man had a horrible relationship with his mom, always being told to man up and don’t cry and be a man, and he had no example to teach him.

    It’s tough being a woman too. Some men have no idea how hard it is, just like we don’t know how hard it is for men too, at least the good ones. I feel bad for the good guys who make all the attempts, to be a good man but then the women they come across are very shady. I hear the way some of my ex friends talk about men and I’m like no wonder you are single. They call men a p****y because they express themselves or they do something romantic. An old friend of mine, turned down a guy that was willing to take care of her and she said she couldn’t let him do that, now she’s with a woman that looks and acts like a dude, the girl does not trust men at all. So she thought she’s be open to a relationship with a masculine woman??!! (insert emoji straight confused face, lol)

    Why women turn down nice guys I don’t know. Some women don’t want to contribute. Men have a lot of pressure to provide and do everything and this is why some feel like they need a break in life and even thought its not right, they may even turn to another woman, or look for another outlet because they are stressed. A marriage is a partnership and team, not all the pressure on one person. There needs to be a balance. If you’re a fully functional adult, theres no reason why you can’t help your spouse. I get it, motherhood is an exhausting job, I don’t have kids but I see what my friends go through and my mom. It’s a tough job not a lot of women get credit for, but if you are a stay at home mom and the child is in school, you can be working part time or working at home. Doing something to contribute.

    When it comes to divorce, the divorce ALWAYS works out in the woman’s favor. A woman can get half of a mans money, and she didn’t even help him build that wealth. If she can prove infidelity and stay married for 10 years, the judge will grant her half or everything. Rarely do you ever hear about men getting spousal support. Men have more to risk than women, this is why some men are afraid to get married. But the woman gets everything and men get treated unfairly.

    I’ve seen men create space when they walk by me, and I found out why, because based off of how women treat them, they think all women are like this. Its true if a man talks to a child and tries to help a kid, they automatically think the guy is a creep. Women are taught to fear men and if they meet men that have treated them bad or their upbringing, they think all men are like that.

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