10 Grisly Crime Scenes Described By Police And Social Workers

Flickr Ben Smith
Flickr Ben Smith
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1. anal rape at gunpoint

“Long story short: A guy pays a prostitute for a blowjob. After receiving said blowjob he decides to smoke a blunt with her. While smoking said blunt two masked men—one with a gun—begin to rob them. The masked man with the gun then begins to sodomize the female with his gun after taking all her money. The other robber (without a gun) begs his partner (with a gun) to leave since they got the money they wanted. Robber with gun then points gun at his partner and at gunpoint demands he engages in anal rape of the male victim. At the end, the two victims and the robber who was forced at gunpoint all walk into the police station for a report.”

2. Most blood I have ever seen

“Second car on scene, quadruple shooting. Boyfriend shoots girlfriend dead, shoots grandma, 1 child runs out, 1 child into bedroom, guy seeks out girl in bedroom and shoots her dead, then shoots himself in living room. When I arrive, grandma is dragging herself out the door, trying to grab my leg saying, ‘help me.’ Most blood I have ever seen. Worst part he sought out little girl to kill her over a domestic argument. Glad he was dead. Anything with kids is the worst hands-down.”

3. the guy posted about the killing on Twitter

“When I was at a municipal agency we had a few that stick out to me. I think one in particular was the shooting of a man in the middle of the street 33 times. So how this all turned out was the guy who was killed went to a club and was dancing with a lady and at the end of the night got her number. The following few days the boyfriend of the female caught wind some guy danced with his girl at a club and took her phone to set up a meet with the guy posing as the girl downtown. So the guy shows up with his friend to pick up the girl and the guy comes out and shoots the driver and the guy who was contacted bails. He gets shot too and the guy unloads an entire 33-round magazine into the guy while he’s laying in the street. The thing that struck me was that both of the killing the driver and the other guy all because he danced with some guy’s girlfriend. I mean, fuck the driver didn’t even have anything to do with it, he was just trying to help his friend meet a girl. The best part was that the guy posted about the killing on Twitter. You know what they say: ‘We don’t catch the smart ones.’”


“Before my mom retrained to be a Social Worker, she was a child-minder at a nursery for the local council. The area was shitty, plus it was a city hot spot for drug addicts and vagrants. Once she started looking after a boy about three years old, his stepfather was a heroin addict and a real piece of work. Over the ongoing weeks/months the staff began to notice the kid was developing behavioral problems (crying constantly, being violent toward other children), a normal little boy just turned into a monster and no one could figure out why. Eventually he was dropped off one day and my mum noticed the kid was even more distressed than usual and couldn’t even sit down properly. She and a coworker went to the bathroom to see what was wrong with him, when they took his trousers off it was clear he’d been sodomized multiple times, his bottom was like an open wound, they even found semen on his underwear. They called the police immediately and social services took him away. Long story short, the stepdad was convicted, and my mother was a witness at the trial. Three years ago mum was reading the paper and found out that the kid had stabbed another local teen to death. Violence reciprocates violence.”

5. a dude fucking a female pit bull

“Dude (crackhead) rides up to us on a bike. Says ‘Hey man, you might want to go check that out over there.’ Over there was a dude fucking a female pit bull. He said it was cool because it was his dog.”

6. a lady drowned her youngest daughter in the ocean and then slit her older daughter’s throat

“My boyfriend is a Sheriff’s Deputy. Currently in their jail is a lady who drowned her youngest daughter in the ocean and then slit her older daughter’s throat and left them both for dead on the beach. The oldest daughter lived, staggered to the road, and stopped a car for help. There’s also a dude in there who, while on a tweekend with his baby mama, continually tortured and raped their infant daughter until she died and then desecrated her corpse. Apparently when sober he’s a fairly intelligent and eloquent man, if not a complete sociopath. Yeesh.”

7. My uncle had the guy’s leg and it exploded all over him

“My uncle was a police officer and had to do a check on a guy no one had heard from in weeks. Turned out the guy died in his bed. It was in the summer so he bloated up. My uncle and some other police picked him up to move him. My uncle had the guy’s leg and it exploded all over him. Because of all the gases and bacteria he got horrible sick and took weeks to recover. He also showed my dad some accident scene photos where I guess you could see the woman’s ghost, but I never saw them.”

8. Dog hopped up on coke

“Dog hopped up on coke to the level where batons and pepper spray were useless and a car had to be used to kill the poor thing. It was attacking everything and rabid as fuck!”

9. a guy would get his 12-year-old daughter drunk in their camper and rape her

“I was on a jury for a case where a guy would get his 12-year-old daughter drunk in their camper and rape her. This went on for a year. He was guilty and the mother received custody. Really fucked-up.”

10. Found a 3-yr-old floating in a pool

“Had a lady douse herself with gasoline and set herself on fire. Call came out as an auto accident. She died about a month later.

Found a 3-yr-old floating in a pool.

Responded to shots fired and found a guy shot 8 times, died right there, shot through the eye and throat. Perp did about 5 yrs…long story.

Not my case but watched the interrogation of a guy who abducted his frat bro’s wife, slit her throat and dumped her in a storage unit. Those pics were awful. He was executed.

Had a guy on a squad run puke up a huge gob of coagulated blood. Even the paramedics gagged on that one :)

Guy ran a train and got hit in the left ear by it. Didn’t look too bad for a guy who got hit by a train.

Another guy stopped at a gas station and let his dog out, it got hit and killed by a train. Made me very sad, that poor guy was heartbroken.

But if I really want to get depressed I only need to come here and read comments by all the cop-haters.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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