7 Harrowing Testimonies From People Who Say They Were Demon-Possessed



“The most powerful possession happened when I was 22, it was night, I was sleeping and I opened my eyes, something came out of the wall, it was the white shadow again, it entered my body and I started shaking, I couldn’t move or talk, I couldn’t pray either, somehow I forced that thing out of my body. It floated above me for two seconds and then entered my body again, I don’t know why but I could not pray, I forced that thing out of my shaking body and it started floating above me and entered my body again. The same thing happened around 16 times that night, until it went away and I started sleeping. The next day I was about to tell my parents what happened, and my father interrupted me, and he says ‘Hey, last night something happened around two o’clock, I saw this white thing flying very fast thought the room, it went through the wall into the kitchen.’ I was in shock that he saw that thing, after I told them what happened to me, they bought a few crucifixes and went to the church so they could be blessed. I haven’t had another experience like that in the house.”



“Voices told me I should have a homosexual relationship; they said everybody was a ‘faggot’ (not my word) and that I am too straight. They also told me that I was ‘too good,’ ‘too proper.’ Among several of their absurd ideas they tried to get me to believe in was that I was already dead. One version of it was that I died in an accident and was now in my afterlife. They were trying to get me off-center in various other ways, with increasing intensity and vigor….These creatures’ objectives became progressively clear and explicit: to torment me with feelings of anger, fear and guilt, drive me to self-destruction, even suicide, or at the least, make me a madman. The reason: ‘We like it like that,’ ‘It’s delicious,’ ‘We are playing with you,’ ‘We seriously dislike you,’ ‘We hate you’…Sometimes voices tell me that the game is over, or that they’ve done their ‘cleaning’ job, or even that a mistake was made, but then a moment later they tell me that this will never end, and continue their assault.”



“I was possessed by 39 demons. These demons entered my life at an early age. Even when I was nine years old, a strange spirit pushed me to run away from my home to a different country. What I remember most is when I was 16 years old and something entered my body while I was in my grandmother’s house. I was sitting, cooking food when I physically felt this force come inside of me. I jumped up and ran wildly into the street. My family were running after me right until the next town where they finally subdued me….They took me to the missionary hospital where I was admitted. In the night, I was climbing up and taking down all the crucifixes because as I was looking at them, I felt they were burning me….These demons caused me to curse. When I was angry with someone, I would curse them—and everything negative I would say when I was angry would come to pass.…There was another time when hundreds of cockroaches entered the house where I was staying. No one knew how they entered and the following morning they all disappeared. I had many other unusual experiences like this.”



“Smoking pot opened the door to the first demonic attack in my life…This was a giant vortex of energy that had the shape of a tornado. It was sucking me down into it, and I just kept going deeper and deeper into it….About a year later, when I was 20 years old I was listening to some rock music. Actually I still remember to this day the album was Bad Company—Burning Sky. Something happened after listening to a song on this album that really scared me. In my mind I saw an evil man sitting at a desk and heard the sound of a door opening and closing. About the same time, rock music started playing in my mind uncontrollably….I am 55 years old, and I will tell you that for the past 35 years I have not been able to be delivered from this demonic spirit of mockery that plays this music all my waking hours.…Anyway, this spirit changes the words of popular songs, rock songs or praise & worship songs and perverts the words.…This has been a huge distraction in my life and something that has really hurt my confidence.”



“I wanted to go downtown and look for a church that could help me. My friend wanted to come with me to make sure I was safe, but I didn’t want her to see me like this. So I went alone, thinking that I could contain the spirit. To my horror I couldn’t, and as I walked down the street I started growling and screaming. I tried to hide my face, but onlookers saw this young girl screaming loudly as she hurried down the street. I found a church which was locked, which made me howl even more. I found another, but that was closed too. I went to the little house beside the church and asked for the pastor. Each time I looked at the cross I screamed so loudly….I continued screaming and howling so loudly that people on the street could hear me.…I went to a Catholic church to get the spirit exorcised from me, but all they did was put oil on my head and say a prayer for me.…I could feel this thing in my throat. I dropped my head back and screamed as I walked down the highway. I got home and threw myself down on the grass, screaming in pain.”



“I have been possessed for almost 4 years by demons. The demons have taken control of my soul (mind, will, & emotions) & my physical body. They talk to me every minute of the day commenting on all of my thoughts. It is the worst of possessions. The demons do not let me sleep. But they give me their power to function without sleep. These demons are so powerful. I tried to kill myself last November with a pistol, but the demons moved the gun to the back of my head when the gun went off through my couch. They want me to suffer every minute of the day.…The demons will not let me kill myself. Their mission is to make me miserable every minute of the day.”



“The evil kept on trying to kill me day in and day out. In the time between 2005-2010 I nearly died 3 times. And every day was a struggle not to kill myself. Every day was a fight for my life. My faith in God grew stronger as my health grew weaker. I could barely walk 3 minutes. It was like I was 90 years old. Not to mention the torment psychically and spiritually that can only be understood by those who experience it.”

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