30 Guys On Why They Have The World’s Greatest Girlfriend

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She’s the strongest pillar in my foundation, she genuinely supports me and makes my life happy—really simple things that are hard to find. Without her I wouldn’t know how I’d be able to stand on my own.


She lets me watch cartoons, and she hates cartoons. I’m a 30-yr-old man and I love cartoons.


My girlfriend is cool because 1. She’s very sweet to my family and they all ended up loving her 2. She doesn’t make fun of me for listening to girly music 3. She lets me play with her boobs.


The girl I’m dating is my best friend and that makes her cool in my book.

We don’t have identical views, hobbies, or taste in music, but it works. I really do enjoy spending a ton of time with her. She’s OK with me being…well, me. And I’m happy just the way she is.

Neither of us are perfect and we acknowledge that but we can poke fun at each other, game together, cook. Everything is just more fun when we’re around each other.


I won’t speak of all girlfriends, but what makes my girl cool is how well she gets along with my friends. She is perfectly happy chilling with me and the guys and will even join us in our games at times. Once my friends started telling me they were glad I was dating her because of that, she was automatically cool!


She hates people just as much as I do.


Punk-loving, burp-expert, solid taste in movies/TV/music, lets me fart, curses like a sailor, has big boobs, loves hanging with me and my friends (and her friends are also awesome in more of the theater/artsy way that I like), out-smokes everyone (‘cept me), nice to talk to about funny or serious things and always likes to help.


She has a wonderful sense of humor. She always makes everyone laugh and it’s polite to everyone. Not only is she my girlfriend, she’s also my best friend. I can trust her with anything and she always gives me good advice and sometimes even calls me out on stupid shit I’ve done. Overall I love her and she’s fucking awesome.


I can trash talk with her, we can be sexist to each other, wrestle and fart in front of her. So yes, it’s basically a bro in a female body.

She also can get me motivated to do my stuff and get fit.


It’s weird, really, that another human can have so much effect on you by virtually doing nothing. I mean, she could be reading a book on a couch and I’d just look at her and I’d see the coolest thing ever. And that’s the point, I think. She doesn’t have to go out of her way to be the cool girl. It’s the subtle things, like the way she laughs when she sees funny things on her phone. Or the way she talks about her favorite books and TV shows. Or the way she doesn’t look at me directly when I compliment her for anything. She makes everything else seem cooler.

Fuck, I got lucky.


The girl I’m seeing now is a welder and I’m a weld inspector, so we relate on a level I’ve never had with a girl before, we both go to the same shitty places to work and understand what each other goes through in the course of a day to get the bills paid. Right now we’re on the same boiler shutdown at a power plant and share a hotel room so we make tons of money on our live-out allowance, between the two of us we’ll make $50k this month so we’re going to have the summer off to have fun, doesn’t get much cooler than that.


Do my friends like her? Yes

Is she open minded into trying things I like? Yes

Is she a classy lady in public but not so much in the bedroom? Yes

Does she love me as much as I love her? Yes

10/10 would go another year or 60 with this one.


My fiancé still has no clue. Tattooed, pierced, dresses in really fun unique stuff everyday. Is almost universally worshipped by every girl we know. Has her own place in Philly where she’s finishing getting a degree in Anthropology. Has been on digs to the Middle East. I dunno, my fiancé is rad, and if you asked her she would tell you all about how she’s the lamest person who’s ever existed. I love her to pieces.


My girlfriend, I could literally talk about how amazing she is for days. I truly don’t deserve such a kind hearted and loving person. We’ve been together for almost 2 years, between playing video games, watching anime, talking about silly thing that hardly make sense, skating, and just genuinely enjoying each others company, I feel like I can say, I not only found an amazing partner, but my best friend. We literally tell each other everything, from silly little articles on reddit (like Diddy Kong getting nerfed in smash today motherfuckers) to how some customer gave me a dollar tip at work. We have our problems but I think we can work through them, she’s the only person that has ever motivated me to strive for a better life and I thank her everyday for that. Thanks LB I love you. :)


My girlfriend is a pretty solid example of “cool girlfriend”. We live together and pretty much chill every night. I’ll get home from work and dinner will be made for me most days, then we smoke a joint, maybe crack open a couple ciders? Chill and watch TV together, sometimes read books in bed.

The thing is she doesn’t give a shit what other people have to say as well, tell you straight, which I definitely need most times as I’m quite a stressful person. She will kick me out of it and brighten my mood again. Very nice to have someone that understands you completely and knows what you’re thinking at all times. So might be worth mentioning similarity is going to be a key there. Also, she’s weird as hell, which makes us stand out a bit more than usual.


My girlfriend is cool because she is a feminist.

She loves the person she is and she loves me for the person I am. But most importantly, she loves and appreciates everyone around her because she knows that there are admirable traits in just about everyone.

She challenges my line of thinking on a daily basis. Not only that, but I can see herself challenging her own line of thinking on a daily basis as well. I’ve watched her grow and develop over the years into the independent woman she is and I find it unbelievably attractive.

She’s a tremendous leader. She knows how to make people believe in themselves and feel empowered. As a result, people tend to gravitate to her (clearly I was one of them).

She’s passionate and she stands up for herself. She cares about doing the “right” thing, not the fashionable thing.

Finally, she’s driven. I’ve never met a more motivated person in my life. We are both very career-oriented and we challenge each other to be the best we can be in our respective fields. But at the same time, we know how to “shut down” at night and hang out and have fun.

These are the traits that make her “cool” to me. The fact that she is incredibly attractive is just a bonus.


I am a ridiculous, silly, goofy person. I have a ton of hobbies and my girlfriend wants me to enjoy my hobbies. She’s never told me “video games are for kids and immature you shouldn’t play them”, because she realizes that they make me happy and it’s not her place to tell me my harmless hobby is stupid just because she doesn’t like them all that much.


My current girlfriend is the coolest I’ve dated so far. She’s an artist (who can sew, knit, draw and oh yeah, weld) who can speak three languages and likes teaching children to combine fabric and technology. She loves me for who I am and makes me believe in myself. My friends enjoy her company, and she can hold her own with them without my presence. She doesn’t get angry when I get too drunk and will occasionally participate in my antics. She also goes out of her way to see my perspective on things and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s kind, smart and the most beautiful girl (to me) I know. I’m quite lucky now that I think about it.


It was her depth of character and ability to hold her ground that made her that girl. I mean she was gorgeous, smart, sharp, talented, all that — but it was the fact that she had so many facets to her personality that caught me. She’d be working on a dance routine and be super focused, and very into it; and a few hours later she’d be sitting doing entomological research in her glasses with a completely different air about her.

Sometimes she was insecure and introspective, sometimes she was completely confident; sometimes she didn’t say much, sometimes she sang for hours; sometimes we fucked around, and sometimes we just sat there and listened to music in silence.

But she was always genuine. All the time, she was who she was, flaws and all. And that’s fucking cool.


She worked her ass off to do what she loves.

She communicates with me instead of requiring me to pick up on hidden signals.

She is a good person that cares about others and actively works to improve people’s lives.

She listens to my interests even when sometimes ADHD me fails to do the same.

She calls me on my shit when I need it.

We have some very opposite traits and we keep each other balanced.

She loves me for me. Even if I where to fuck up in a drastic life changing manner she would be there for me.

With her, us and me are not conflicts. We are both one and individual.

11/10 would become geriatric together.


Yesterday was our anniversary and she said we should go to my favorite BBQ joint. She doesn’t even like BBQ that much.

She makes an effort to get along with my family and friends.

She is honest with me when something is bothering her.

She accepts my hobbies even though she doesn’t like to participate in them.


She’s not the videogame-playing, muscle-car-loving, hard-rock-listening, hard-liquor-drinking, cool-girl-stereotype you’re thinking of. She wears pretty dresses and likes folksy music and doesn’t really “get” most games. She wears make up to feel pretty and she’s careful when she drinks and she gave up smoking pot, she’s still one of the coolest people I know.

She was a friend of mine before we started dating. We like the same shows, we laugh at each other’s jokes. We feel comfortable around each other. We’re both pretty upfront with each other, both emotionally and sexually. I don’t need to guess what she’s thinking: if I’m not sure, I can just ask her. That’s what makes her cool.


Been dating my gf for 2 years. We already know we’re getting married. She’s the best. Always interested in my interests. As I am hers. Is friends with all my friends and gets along with my family great. Is always down to go out or just chill at home and smoke and watch a movie. And every time we’re in bed and start kissing it automatically leads to sex, which is nice.


My gf right now just…is cool. It’s all subjective anyway. Whatever you personally like about them is why they are cool to you. She laughs at my corny jokes, teases me and jokes with me. Honestly, you don’t fall in love with someone because they are “cool”. They become “cool” when you fall in love with them…

…I should go tell my gf I love her.


My girl is badass because she is her own person. She likes what she likes and I like what I like, with some overlap.

Do we both love RPGs? Hell yeah we do tabletop or otherwise. Do we both enjoy Japanese cars? You bet your ass. Do we both like football? Fuck no I can’t stand it. Do we both like to play an instrument? Hell no she ain’t got time for that.

That’s my relationship and I wouldn’t change it ever. She’s quiet and I talk my head off. She visits with her friends once a month my friends are family and come every weekend for dinner.

We’re different and I fucking love it.


She’s a great cook, my family loves her, and I love her. She always up for an adventure but still enjoys quiet evenings with wine. Always supportive and doesn’t tolerate me being stupid. We have great conversation on basically any topic. It also helps that she’s smoking hot… All those things are pretty vague, it doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind about another human being.


The way she talks, her interests, her obsession with girly Japanese things, her love for animals, etc.

We have almost the same taste in music, when I knew that she likes Hard Metal and Japanese music I knew that she’s a keeper.

She’s not bothered by my addiction to gaming and music production, she even thinks that it’s cute

She said that my Johnson is “Pretty”

She gets nervous and shy when we talk about sex, she doesn’t even wants to say the word “Masturbation” or “Penis”

She wants to give me head

To me that’s what makes her Cool, I love every thing about her and I wouldn’t change her for anything.


She can talk to me about the rent, paying off a car, or other financial bullshit without it being accusatory for either of us. If she can save money, that makes her fucking amazing, because I’m just not that great at it.

She’s interested in what interests me. She doesn’t need to be as into it as I am, but like, don’t just look at me weird when I talk about the things I do with my free time.

She wants to be spending time with me. Not be in the same space as me, but spend time with me. Talking, cuddling, watching a show, playing a game, listening to one or the other practice something. Which probably better branches into my next point…

Wants to be an active part of my life. She wants to be involved in my life and the things I do. She doesn’t just want me around as it’s convenient, but all the time. Just hearing the stories about my life isn’t ideal.

Showing affection. Holy. Fucking. Shit. When did it get cool to act disinterested in someone as a way of getting their attention? Fuck that shit with fire.

She has funny catch phrases like the one I just used.

She wants me. Not just another heartbeat.

She loves me for the person that I am. Flaws, and all. I’m not going to be perfect every single day of my life, and I want to be accepted that I’m not going to be that. I’m going to try my fucking hardest to be it, but I’m not always going to succeed.

She makes me feel like the most sexy dude around.

She reminds me that I’m important to her, and that I’m special to her. All the time.

I am the unfiltered me without it ever occurring to me that I’m not using my “representative me” around her. And she loves that person.

The fact that I just described my actual girlfriend in every respect reminds me how fucking lucky I am to have her in my life.


So my girlfriend is brilliant, funny, outgoing, creative, loves beer, my sense of humor, video games, football (even though I hate it), and poker, and is extremely interested in anal sex and threesomes (I brought up the threesome but she proposed anal). She can party harder than I can, and she’s levelheaded, modest and is a classically trained artist. She’s the fucking coolest person I’ve ever met, and we’re best friends.

The downside? She’s a bit overweight. You know what that means? She was immediately overlooked by almost half of the guys who were too shallow or busy looking for 10s to notice. Never in my life have I been so overjoyed to find someone who wasn’t perfect. I love her.


She adds color to my life. Literally. Before we moved in together I had the perfectly matching furniture, everything was espresso black and square and white walls and wood floor. All the cups in my kitchen were black and the exact same shape. All the knives and forks had to be from the matching set. I threw away/gave away a lot of stuff because it was breaking a set. My life was symmetrical.
Then she walks in and buys orange pillows, a polka dot orange carpet for the living room, bring her gigantic Tinker bell green cups, lime green spoons and work on cross stitch of Nintendo characters to decorate the bathroom.
Every change was negotiated and we both had to do compromises but looking back and the big mess we did together. Mixing psychopath businessmen and Disney turned out great. Our condo is a reflection of our relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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