27 Guys Share The Most Insane ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Stories You’ve Ever Heard

25. Told everyone that I was abusive.

In no particular order:

-Entered my apartment while I was at work and stole all my kitchen appliances and half my table settings.

-Sent a note to the apartment complex expressing my intentions to move out. I found out when they knocked on my door asking why I was still there.

-Told everyone that I was abusive (rather than admit we ended due to her cheating). I couldn’t even go to the Starbucks she worked at (whether she was there or not) because her coworkers believed her and would call the police if they saw me.

-(similar to above) She told my pastor at the time that I locked her in the bedroom, using a chair propped against it to prevent her escape and didn’t let her eat for a day. (This one was an amusingly bad lie, since the bedroom door opened into the room, making a propped chair impossible)

-Committed identity theft by using my SSN to phone in and have her credit card debt put in my name (about $4,000). I found out after being denied a loan two years later.

And this was all done by the same ex

26. She said I would punch her in the mouth for smiling at me if I was in a bad mood.

My high school girlfriend started spreading lies about me to all of our friends, saying that I would beat her up and abuse her.

For example she said I would punch her in the mouth for smiling at me if I was in a bad mood, and that I treated her family like shit. There were some more horrible things being said, but what hurt me most is being told that I was an abusive bastard who kicked the shit out of her when I felt like it.

I learned who my true friends were after that. One of them apologized to me, thinking I knew that he slept with her while we were going out. I had no idea, and I just laughed in his face and gave him my condolences for the horror he had to endure.

The school got involved due to the rumors being spread and had a word with her about it, that’s when it all stopped being said.

Edit: No evidence [bruising or injuries] to back up her bullshit, and none of her friends had ever been told a bad word about me while we were going out. A lot of them stopped talking to her after that.

We were 15 when the relationship ended, but I got a new girlfriend some months later who I’ve been with for the last 8 years. No such complaints about her.

27. She is pure evil.

Ex wife told everyone I touched my stepdaughters, I never found out till years later as my family never told me, but found out because someone reported abuse by her new husband; they then fled the state to escape the investigation

She is pure evil. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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