27 Guys Share The Most Insane ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Stories You’ve Ever Heard

22. To this day I am still paying off the 200,000-dollar debt she built up in my name.

After three and half years of abuse and two children, my ex-wife decided she wanted to ruin my life. Had me arrested on false charges of domestic violence which led to a plea bargain due to the fact that we were living on my 10,000.00/year income. She refused to work the entire relationship. This led to a three-year probation which included “group therapy sessions” for abusers. During these sessions “patients were required to recount the episodes of abuse and explain where they “made mistakes”. Due to the fact that I hadn’t actually committed any abuse I was forced to lie, as lack of participation equals failure to abide by the requirements of the probation deal. This led to the judge threatening me with up to three years in prison. As a result we fled the country and set up shop in the Middle East. I was forced to join the army and served as a combat soldier for two years. During the second year of military service I finally grew some balls and told her I wanted a divorce. The resulting meltdown created a situation in which I was forced to flee my domicile. In the process I forgot to take my I.D. She spent the next year forging my signature on rent, phone, water, electrical and credit card contracts. To this day I am still paying off the 200,000-dollar debt she built up in my name. This figure does not include the debt she incurred using my I.D when she returned to the States. Oh and she illegally kidnapped my children when she fled the “middle east” to return to America. So yeah. I need a drink.

23. Stole my cat and had him euthanized.

Took my cat and had him put down.

24. She videotaped herself flushing all of my pet fish down the toilet.

She flushed ALIVE all of my fish, and videoed herself doing it. She then sent me the video.

I had pet fish from before we got together. When we moved in together I brought my tank. When we eventually broke up I was the one who left the apartment because I had a closer living situation I could move into (back with my parents). I was to come by on Saturday to move out all of my things, including my fish. Thursday night comes and I get an email with a video in it, I open it to see my fish in a kitchen pot in the bathroom. She proceeds to pour them all into the toilet and I click away. I couldn’t watch, I called her dozens of times to no answer. Saturday comes, she’s not there as planned, and neither are my fish. :(

I know this will likely be buried and never read, but I just had to share. Hadn’t though about that in a long while. Still hurts.

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