27 Guys Share The Most Insane ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Stories You’ve Ever Heard

18. She posted pictures of cuts and bruises she got from a car accident online saying they were from me.

My ex cheated on me for about 6 months without me knowing. We were in bed on night and she rolled over and said get out. I was in shock and had no idea what to do so I left. We had joint everything.. she cancelled my phone, took all the money I saved out of my accounts, kept my dog that I tried incredibly hard to get back but most of all she told her friends, my friends, her family and my family all over social media that I choked her and beat her and she left to save her own life. She even posted pictures of cuts and bruises she got from a car accident online saying they were from me. Her car got broken into at a mall and her stuff was stolen and she told the police it was me. After I proved to the police I was working they quickly looked the other way. After at least a year of trying to clear my name I met the guy who she cheated on me with. At first I wanted to tear his face off but after he bought me drinks I found out she did the same exact thing to him.

19. She tried to blow my house up.

She turned one of the burners on my stove on “high” without it being lit.

We had been broken up for a couple of days and she was getting the rest of her belongings out of my house. I was at the gym and texted to see if she had finished up and received a text that she had and then I finished up lifting and headed home.

Got to my house and all the lights were off save for the porch light. Opened the front door and smelled gas. My first thought was that my furnace line had ruptured or something.

I left all of the lights off and went down into the basement to see if I could hear/smell anything near the furnace and the gas line but there was no gas smell in the basement.

I went back upstairs and checked the stovetop in the kitchen. Sure enough, one of the burners had been turned on ‘high’ and was not lit. I turned it off and proceeded to open all of the downstairs windows (in January) to vent the gas.

My first thought was that it couldn’t have been done intentionally because my thermostat kicking the furnace on, or me turning lights on could have blown me up. The problem was that the knob can’t just turn itself and you need to depress and then turn to light any of the burners.

Then I remembered what she told me once (jokingly I thought at the time) which was “if I can’t have you, no one will.” So yeah, bitch tried to blow me, my house, and my cats up.

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