27 Guys Share The Most Insane ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Stories You’ve Ever Heard

10. Threatened to lie to police that I sexually abused her son.

My ex 10 years ago was an abusive alcoholic, I had enough of her false promises and constant crap that I just walked out…..

In the next few months she:

Would phone my house, drunk, gloating about who she’s fucked

Show up to my parents, drunk, demanding to talk to me…. Various times she was verbally abusive to my mother who basically told her to “fuck off before I call the cops”

Threatened to lie to police that I sexually abused her son.

Threatened to tell police that bruises on her body (from being drunk all the time and falling over a lot) was from me….. Ironically SHE was the one who beat me…..

Told my parents, 5 months after I left her, that she was 2 months pregnant and it had to be mine…. Yeah ok….

Threatened to get her son’s alcoholic junkie Dad to “do you in” for not answering her calls

Called my boss various times at work, demanding I be fired for being abusive to her at my workplace (supermarket). He laughed at her and told her finally she was banned from the shop for harassing his staff.

Probably more, but thinking about it makes me feel like crap….

11. She starved my chinchilla to death.

After we separated, I left our chinchilla in her care. A few days later, I come back to retrieve some of my stuff and our chinchilla was dead. From the looks of it, he was starved to death. One of the things I regret in life was not taking him with me when I had the chance. This is one of the very few moments in my life where it hurts thinking about it.

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