20 Types Of People Whose Behavior Is A Giant RED FLAG

Flickr / Tim Parkinson
Flickr / Tim Parkinson
Found on AskReddit.

1. Oversharers.

Oversharing personal drama the first time you talk to them—not only about themselves but family members/other intimates who have serious issues and might appreciate some privacy.

2. Clingers.

If they’re clingy. If they need ALL my time or constantly need to be talking to me. They get jealous if I do things with my other friends.

3. Debbie Downers.

People who are constantly negative. It’s fair to not be happy occasionally but when every conversation becomes about some tragedy, it’s time to leave.

4. Rude people.

People who can’t get off their damn phones when they’re with another person. I used to ride the train with a “friend.” She would stop in the middle of any conversation to make a call, take a call, take a text, etc. I finally started riding in a different car so I didn’t have to deal with her.

5. Angry people.

Shouting at someone angrily in public.

6. Know-it-alls.

The person that ALWAYS has to have the last word…on everything.

7. Pushy people.

People that are overly insistent about something…like salesmen that get too pushy or a guy who will not stop bugging you if you refuse to give him a ride or something like that.

8. One-uppers.

One-uppers. They are usually just envious people in general and would not think twice about stabbing you in the back if you are doing well for yourself.

9. Procrastinators.

Any adult that can’t keep time. If we agree to meet at midday and you arrive at 12.05, I’m not going to explode, but some seemingly sensible people announce they’re JUST LEAVING THEIR HOUSE at 12.30 and don’t even bother to offer an explanation!

10. Sycophants.

If someone tells you that you are the best, no one else can help them and that you are so wonderful, watch out. They might be Borderline Personality Disorder and you are just the lackey du jour.

11. People who say “I tell it like it is.”

People who say things like “I tell it like it is” or “I don’t care what other people think of me.” They are probably just an unrepentant asshole.

12. People who admit they’re assholes.

“Yeah, but I’m an asshole” or “I’m kind of an asshole”, especially if its offered as an excuse for their behavior. Take them at their word. If someone thinks that being a shitty person is an excuse for being a shitty person, I don’t need that around me.

13. People who treat workers poorly.

People who treat people who work for them (servers, teachers, cashiers, etc.) like shit over minor things. Seriously, if they can’t handle getting a lemon in their water if they didn’t ask for one, they need to fucking chill. Have an allergy to lemons? Tell the fucking waiter.

14. Stoners.

People who only want to hang out and get drunk or high. I had many “friends” like that. Once I went on probation, I couldn’t smoke or drink, began to find out who my real friends were.

15. Ideologues.

Strong political opinions on either side of the spectrum.

16. People who can never take the blame.

People who think nothing is ever their fault. It is always someone else being unfair or not understanding them, or the world being against them. This kind of person wallows in self-pity and is unlikely to ever grow up. They are dependent on other people and yet get frustrated at them for offering help because it is either never enough or they are “trying to control my life.” If you know people like this I suggest running, not walking away.

17. Controlling and possessive people.

For me, it’s someone who is either controlling or possessive. Learned that one the hard way.

18. Those who insist they’re your best friend.

If they try to convince you they’re the only person who cares about you.

19. Privilege-checkers.

If I hear a person say “check your privilege” to anyone, I’m gone.

20. People who just give you a bad feeling in general.

That “gut feeling” that the person is “off.” Trust it. Walk away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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