19 Super-Creepy Brushes With The Paranormal

14. The clawfoot tubs in the Texas morgue.

I moved to Huntsville about 5 years ago. Here in Texas, Huntsville holds the state prison so It’s creepy just for that. Along side the prison, very very old houses remain. I dated this guy for about a year and he lived in the row of old houses right off campus. He lived at one end of the row in a house built in the 20s. Everyday as I walked down to his house I passed a gorgeous white house built in the 1800s. Tall, 3 stories and sits on top a hill. It’s torn up and it has no windows or doors, But I always found it fascinating and haunting at the same time. I hoped one day the boarded up doors would be open so I could go explore. Well one day I got my chance. The board was cracked open and we went right on in. Creeping in from room to room everything was boards and nails and completely deserted and falling apart, but Creepy enough, the only thing that remained in any of the rooms were the clawfoot tubs. there were two downstairs and they were beautiful. I almost fell through a couple of holes but I managed to make it up to the 3rd floor. Again, a clawfoot tub sat deserted in the hallway. I made my way around and landed in the final of the 15 rooms. The top left corner. It looked out onto the street we had entered and it had a staircase that led to the attic. As soon as I walked into the space (mind you, there are no doors) I knew I had to leave. I can’t explain it but it became unusually cold for the Texas weather the hair on my neck stood up. I felt like I needed to run. and I did. Right back down the hall passing all the creepy tubs and out the door. I didn’t return. Fast forward about three weeks, I worked for the campus hotel and we were selling a Huntsville ghost hunting book which included houses from around town. I worked the late 3p-11pm shift and no one was around so I read it happily until I came across a story about that white house! According to the previous owner, the house used to be a morgue. The clawfoot tubs that remained in the house were the original tubs they used to drain the dead bodies in before they prepared them. And it said sometimes people see a figure of a man who is supposed to be the original owner in the “windowless window” up in that left corner room looking out onto the street. Nope.

Here is a tiny article selling the book I read.

Here is a tiny article about the home I found.


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