19 Super-Creepy Brushes With The Paranormal

Flickr / 826 PARANORMAL
Flickr / 826 PARANORMAL
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1. The room behind the mirror.

For two years my mum had a recurring nightmare in which the mirror at the end of the room, facing my parent’s bed, would turn transparent and there would be a man standing behind it. When redecorating, they removed the mirror from the wall, to find a hole behind it, with a small empty room, leading to nowhere.

2. The voice from the backseat.

Got lost with girlfriend at night in Waco, Texas. Roads were deserted. No people. No cars. Then saw one lone person standing on the corner as I made a turn. I heard a friendly male voice in the vehicle, as if sitting in the back seat, say to me, “You’re going the wrong way.” I noticed I was, indeed, going the wrong way on a one-way street so I did a U-turn. The road took me directly to the main highway. Asked my girlfriend a bit later if she heard the voice too and she burst into tears because she had been so freaked out by it she thought she was going insane or something.

3. The little girl down the well.

When my wife was six years old she fell into a well. She couldn’t climb her way out and started to cry. She heard a girl’s voice tell her not to worry and directed her to a group of stones that were jutting out far enough for her to grab ahold. The voice told her to climb out and she did.

When she got out there was nobody around and she ran home. Told the story to her mother only to find out that a little girl had drowned in that same well many years ago.

4. The baby doll being dragged on a string.

My friend was driving without his glasses on in the middle of back country Maine one night. For those who have never been, you drive hours without seeing civilization. Just trees and trees. He was in a daze, when he saw something up ahead in the street. He stopped, couldn’t quite make it out. It was moving. But moving very slowly. He got curious, moved real close to it on his truck. “Is that a baby?” Sure enough, it was a baby. He gets out of the truck, just stunned. Surely this baby is abandoned. Walks over there, goes to pick it up. It’s a baby doll being dragged by slowly by a string. He got out of there fast as he could.

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