13 Women On Whether They Regret Their Boob Jobs

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1. LOVE mine. So happy with them.

LOVE mine. So happy with them. I was completely disproportionate before, and now my boobs fit my body. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent.

2. I honestly wish I never got them.

I have saline under the muscle. They look great but I honestly wish I never got them. There are a few things I really can’t do anymore that I wish I could. Sleeping on my stomach, jog with one sports bra only, certain exercises, swinging a golf club correctly, etc. They don’t last forever either so keep that in mind.

3. They look great, feel real, and have improved my confidence.

I went from a small A to a big C and absolutely love them. They look great, feel real, and have improved my confidence. It’s been 2 years since the surgery.

4. If small boobs are not something that makes your life absolutely miserable, it’s just not worth it.

I had implants for 7 years. If small boobs are not something that makes your life absolutely miserable, it’s just not worth it. Not only the upfront cost, but what about if you have a rupture or capsular contracture later down the road? You have to have 5 grand for surgery just sitting around at all times or walk around deformed until you get the money should there be any problems.
I started out a small B. I told the doctor I wanted to be a full C. I got 350cc implants on his suggestion. I ended up a DD and I’m a small woman. They got in the way of everything. I wore 2 sports bras sometimes just to get them to fit in my clothes or when I went running to control them. They lost all feeling (which is common). I couldn’t stand to have them touched or licked because you feel the pressure but not the skin sensation and it’s creepy. I couldn’t squish my body all up on my SO during sex because you can feel them moving around in there and it’s just awkward and cringeworthy. Same with hugging.

I couldn’t wear the cute clothes that are out there these days. If you aren’t in something form fitting, the boobs push the fabric out away from your body making you look like a cow. Forget fat days and comfy clothes without looking like you’re wearing a sack. Forget laying on your stomach to get a massage. Forget laying anywhere in any fashion without wearing a bra, because they painfully pull at your skin.

Then if you ARE in something that basically fits it’s impossible to not look like you’re trying to be sexy.

When I had them removed they went back to pretty much what they were before except the feeling didn’t completely return. But at least now it’s not awkward to have them fondled etc. Being able to dress any way I want is the best. Going home after a long day of work and being able to ditch the bra. That’s awesome. And no more back and neck pain!

5. I absolutely love mine!

I absolutely love mine! I had my kids before I got them done, so I was left with tiny, saggy, very flat boobs. Keep in mind I was flat before, about 36B. (5’5″/175lbs). In 2008, I decided to go under the muscle with 800cc silicone implants, (38E/38F depending on bra). My doctor was awesome, he left my saggy boobs the way they were, because they were “normal looking”. (I was too perky before having kids, I guess) My surgery went well, woke up super sore & hard to breathe, felt like an elephant on my chest. A day or so after surgery I got to look at my boobs & was terrified because they looked like bricks on my chest. I had a major “WTF” moment. But that was because of the swelling and the muscle being inflamed. After the swelling and everything went down, and I healed a while, they were perfectly natural looking. (Granted this is just base on my doctor, body type, silicone implants, implant placement, healing process, fat/muscle ratio, etc., etc.) No one can tell I have implants even after I tell them. I get “BS” because of how they sit, feel & look. But I do have 2-inch scars under my boobs (faded). I’ve even forgotten that I have implants, no joke. I had a great experience. My chest is always nice & warm, no heating/cooling issues there either. I still hate bras though, lol. Damn hippie…..

6. I am really happy with them but sometimes it kinda creeps me out, too.

I had teeny boobs. Barely an A cup. Never liked my boobs. They puffed up a bit when I had kids and I breast fed, but after that they became deflated little pouches. I hated them. Hated. Them. Eventually I got silicone implants but I was careful with my selection – I was in my late 30’s and did not want to look like an old porn star. So, I chose smaller size implants (c cup?) and I chose the natural look (a teardrop shape rather than Victoria Beckham style soccer balls crammed under my skin). I had them Installed sub-pectorally (under my natural breast tissue). The result was such that I finally looked and felt normal. I now have normal average sized boobs, if not still a bit on the small side (most people can’t believe I had them done , which is exactly the look I was aiming for). Anyway I am really happy with them but sometimes it kinda creeps me out, too…

7. I love playing with my new boobs even though the result wasn’t perfect.

I got new boobies approximately 6 months ago. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% satisfied with the results but 100% happy I did it if that makes sense. I definitely have way more confidence and clothes fit me better. I started off with a 34A and ended up with a 34D. (I got 325cc silicone, infra-mammary incision, submuscular.)

The issue that I have with them is that they haven’t dropped completely so my nipples are lower on my boobs than they should be and I have a lot of upper pole fullness. Basically, it looks like I have a push-up bra on all the time even when I don’t. It’s not the worst thing in the world but I just wish my doctor would have told me what to expect prior to surgery. They are pretty squishy and I don’t think they look fake at all. Nobody believes me when I tell them they are fake.

TL;DR: I love playing with my new boobs even though the result wasn’t perfect. Would do again.

EDIT: If you’re going to do it, check out realself.com … it will tell you everything you need to know.

8. I don’t regret the choice one bit.

I got my implants in 2004. I went from a 34A/B (literally – one boob was an A and the other was a B) to a 34almostDD/DD (even though I was supposed to only get a D cup).

My implants are saline, behind the muscle and were put in via my armpits. You can’t see the scars, I’ve never had any complaints and I’ve had a number of people tell me they look real. You can see them in my only submitted post (obviously, NSFW).

I love ’em (most of the time). I don’t regret the choice one bit. The only things I would have changed are: different doctor (one who actually listened to me) and silicone over saline (saline ripples too much, and current silicone is safer than it was 11+ years ago).

I went from wearing huge, baggy tops, always hiding my chest, hating when boyfriends touched my boobs, to, well, posing nude!

Do a lot of research on doctors.

Interview more than two doctors.

If you’re the least bit uncomfortable with a doctor, walk out!

Bring a list of questions with you, and don’t be afraid to bring someone else with you to ask questions as well.

Don’t be afraid to bring photos of boobs you like the look of, to give a doctor an idea of what you’re thinking/wanting.

After your surgery, do not rush your recovery.

After your surgery, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

After your surgery, your boobs will look ridiculous, as your skin will be completely stretched out. Do not worry! Your skin will relax, and if you have a good doc, your boobs will look great.

I’m happy to answer any questions.

EDIT.1: Sheesh. I did it for me. I asked for C cups, but was talked into D cups and unknowingly left the hospital with DDs. The few photo shoots I did, with friends who are professional photographers, were a self-esteem/bucket-list thing and I don’t give one single fuck if you approve or not.

EDIT.2: Proof: [Beware matey: thar be breasts]

2004: Here I am just before and just after surgery. Age: 33 / 5’4" / 105 pounds … (this is what’s around my waist)
2011 photo shoot: side-boob
2011 photo shoot: reclining on a chair

9. It was by far the greatest decision that I’ve ever made. Seriously.

Fake boob girl here… I got my mammary upgrades ten years ago and it was by far the greatest decision that I’ve ever made. Seriously.

Even when the doctor gave me pain pills that I found out I was allergic to while barfing them right back up, then had to wait more than 24 hours for his reception to send a new pain script to the right pharmacy.

Even when one of my incisions refused to heal all the way closed and my doc had to cut through the half of it that had healed and redo the stitches for the entire incision.

Even after they had been completely healed and settled and everything and I noticed that they aren’t exactly the objects of boobular perfection that I had my mind set on. They look more like regular sisters than “twins”. But I still absolutely love them.
Most of the time, I forget they’re even fake. And most people that get to grab or take a peak at them don’t believe that they’re not original equipment until they get an up-close look at my scars (which turned out really faint, much to my surprise because my olive skin scars like a motherfucker). My doctor did a great job making them look real, which is why I chose him as my tit guy.

If you have the money, do it. Do it, OP. The amount that my luscious implants have improved my self-confidence is immeasurable. Unlike my tits. Heh.

10. I love them!

I go small implants — 250cc and 300cc, small B cup before, small C cup after. I love them! This is the part where I’m supposed to talk about how much I really needed them and how my self-esteem sky-rocketed and all that, but, to be honest, I didn’t need them (I loved my boobs before, and I love them now) and my decision to get them wasn’t much more than “I’ve wanted a boob job for a long time, I’m 25, I can afford it — might as well! Let’s do it!” I did it for myself, and I’m happy with my decision. I look more feminine in tight shirts, I can make jaws drop with the right push-up bra, but they’re still cute and athletic and easily contained if I want to go that route as well. The surgeon was worried I was going too small (I’m 6′ and have large hips), but they’re the perfect size for me.

The biggest thing to keep in mind, especially if you get smaller implants relative to your breast tissue, is that you’re not getting “new boobs.” They’re the same set you’ve always known and (hopefully) loved, just slightly larger. The nipples are the same, they feel the same. When you look down your shirt, you think: “Oh, hello, my boobs!” They’re not “fake” — they’re a part of you. With that, you have to keep in mind that your life will not be different, happier, or significantly better because of the surgery. You’ll just have to buy new bras!

Also, my boyfriend, who is honest to a fault, says that if he hadn’t helped me through the surgery, he wouldn’t have thought they were implants. Silicone is feels like a dense breast tissue. You can’t get “pillowy” boobs, but you can get “natural-feeling perky boobs,” if that makes sense. Obviously, YMMV with size :)

11. I’m 100% happier with these than what I had before.

I’ve had them for 4 years and would do it again in a heartbeat.

I was 26 when I got my implants. I’m very petite and have a young face and the way people would talk or treat me before I got them really wore on my self confidence. I was alwaysalwaysalways very flat chested. All nipple, no boob. Not even nicely shaped breasts. I can’t stress how much I hated the way I looked.

I got implants after I got married. 250cc saline implants under the muscle in each breast took me from a 30AA to a 30D (equivalent to 34B cup size). I didn’t want to have huge boobs, I just wanted to have something that didn’t make me look like a kid and make my clothes fit better.

So it’s been 4 years and I’ve had 1 baby and am expecting another soon. I nursed with no problem. But it’s not all rainbows, my boobs feel ginormous since I’m pregnant and they get even bigger with breastfeeding. Saline isn’t as natural feeling as silicone, but I knew I wanted to have children and I felt that saline was a safer option for breastfeeding. When I get them redone in 6 or so years and finished with having kids I’ll go with silicone.

There are a lot of factors that play in to how your implants turn out. Original size, body fat, breast shape, placement, type of implant, etc., all determine what your implants will look like. I don’t have much fat, got silicone and had wide set breasts to begin with. When I’m naked and staring at them in the mirror they don’t look natural. I can’t get buttcrack cleavage. But I’m 100% happier with these than what I had before.

12. Best decision I’ve ever made!

I went from a C to a DDD. Best decision I’ve ever made! I also notice they tend to feel more tight when it’s cold. Why that is I’m not sure, but they can hurt a bit then. I have no scars at all as they went under my armpit. They went under the muscle so they look and feel great! I spent $5500 on mine.

13. TL;DR: They made me very sick.

TL;DR: They made me very sick.

My body attacked them and my autoimmune system went totally out of whack. After six months of pain, I asked my plastic surgeon to remove them. She refused and said that my breasts would be “ugly and saggy” and prescribed me some Vicodin. I ran out crying. It took me another year to get them removed because every other surgeon I approached for help was convinced that I would regret removing them.

I started filming for MTV’s True Life to get my story out to other young girls. MTV tried to stage some drama because apparently my life wasn’t dramatic enough for them. I ripped up the contract and demanded they leave and go back to New York.

My mother has a strong presence in our local medical field and word quickly got out that my original plastic surgeon was a cunt. The surgeon called me herself, apologized, and removed them for free. I had them for a total of a year and a half. My surgeon was wrong about my results of my explanation procedure. My breasts look like the way they did before I had the implants put into place except a bit bigger (I am now 27 years old).

However, I still deal with pain daily from the scar tissue that builds up around the implants. This is called the capsule. I had a partial capsulectomy but some had to be left behind because it was fused to my ribcage and I could have bled out if the surgeon removed any more. I can’t imagine how much more capsule would have built up if I had not only kept my implants for their ten year “life,” but also replaced them every decade like the surgeons recommend.

Since I also had my implants placed beneath my pectoral muscles, I have difficulty to this day with the area. My left pec is too tight, and my right pec has “let go” to the point that it feels like my right tit is going to fall off because it’s not being supported enough. With my right pec failing, my entire shoulder as a unit has become a mess with other muscles trying to correct it. I have to go to physical therapy for my shoulder now. I can’t surf anymore. My left pec refuses to stretch out and still cramps sometimes. When I initially had the implants put in, my left side tightened so badly that I projectile vomited across the room when my drain was removed a week after surgery. The pain was so blinding that I passed out. My surgeon suspected a hematoma and I had to have my left breast opened up that same day in another surgery to correct it.

I was 18 when I got my implants. They told me that silicone was illegal until you are at least 21 so I got saline. But what they didn’t tell me is that the saline implants are inside a silicone shell. I found out that tiny fragments of silicone can be stuck to the capsule tissue. So if you’re trying to avoid silicone poisoning there is no way. I still get packets of questionnaires from the implant company asking if I have cancer, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, DEATH, etc., yet or anything. Scary stuff.

Since I have had my implants removed I have been personally told now by 26 other women with implants that they also wish to have them removed because they are painful or uncomfortable (high number because I live in California and have been very outspoken about my experience). I could feel the implant wrinkle and move when I bent over and it made me nauseous. Working out hurt. Sleeping positions were difficult. Half of my right breast has dead nerve endings (not the nipple though thank goodness).

The experience made me very happy with myself the way that I am. I became part of an online community of thousands of women who have removed their implants or who wish to remove them. The chronic pain I now have really sucks. I was a stupid, naïve 18 year old and the plastic surgeon made it far too easy for me to get the implants. It only cost $150/month and I had them weeks after making the decision. I wish someone like me could have warned me of the lifetime of changes I was in for. Please reconsider. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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