16 People’s Stories Of Being Neighbors With A Murderer

16.“Imagine being forced to smoke meth then watch as your mom gets shot.”

It was about seven or eight years ago when a neighbor moved in. Immediately we could tell he was a….deadbeat loser. (Trying to be polite as possible, deadbeat loser is a compliment to this fellow.)

He would leave his kids outside in below-freezing weather with no coats on. Another neighbor once found their toddler running down the highway near the neighborhood and drove him home. Thankfully she recognized the boy and knew where he lived. She called DFS and I’ll never know how, but they didn’t take the kids away from him.

Mind you he had a small infant, a toddler, three children between 5-10, and two teenagers. He must’ve had quite a few baby mommas because they were all his. We had neighborhood BBQs in which everyone in the neighborhood would show up with something to contribute. As where he did contribute, he allowed his kids to do whatever they wanted. They ransacked a neighbor’s pool and ate a shit load of food. They were all skinny so we figured they were hungry as hell. …

One day we finally met one of the kids’ mothers. She was clearly a meth addict. I don’t like to judge, but she was a walking meth poster. We began to smell chemicals in the air and I assume a neighbor called the police because there were suddenly two police cars outside his house.

We thought, “Whatever, just a drug bust, doesn’t surprise me at all.”

Nope. Less than ten minutes later the SWAT was everywhere. Several vans full of masked gunmen showed up and surrounded the house. That’s when I realized he had done something fucking awful. I originally suspected a bomb, but I don’t know why I thought that.

We eventually had the police knocking on everyone’s doors telling them to evacuate and my bomb suspicions were nearly confirmed. Everyone hauled ass out of the neighborhood.

About two hours later we were allowed back into our homes and on the way back up the street we saw the dad in cuffs on the ground and the SWAT teams leaving. We got around to asking a police offer what had happened.

They wouldn’t tell everything, but they said he was forcing the kids to get hooked on meth and was cooking it in one of the kids’ rooms. When the police showed up he threatened to kill every one of his kids, he managed to kill two and the wife was badly wounded.

I feel so sorry for those kids. Imagine being forced to smoke meth then watch as your mom gets shot and two of your siblings die because your dad is so strung out on drugs.

I sat there, not gonna lie, in tears as they took the mom away by stretcher and within an hour the two little body bags.

I knew those kids by name. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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