16 People’s Stories Of Being Neighbors With A Murderer

15. “If I knew he needed money that bad I’d have let him keep it.”

When I was in my early twenties I moved to South Florida for work. I had four roommates and an amazing house we rented. We worked in the bar business with a LOT of other people, and when we would throw a party we would literally have 150-200 people show up. I even had friends on the police force that would let us run ’til like 2am before shutting us down. Well one time we decide to have this huge bash and we wanted to make some money from it. So we charged $10 a person for the guys. But we didn’t want to bother collecting so we offered this one guy from work some money if he’d work the door and collect. He was a big Hawaiian looking kid. Anyway, the kid collects about $1,000 and my roommate being drunk told him to keep half of it. The next day when I found out I called him and told him there was a mistake and I wanted $300 back, which he gave me no problem. A few years later my buddy sends me an article about this kid. He robbed an IHOP, put 3-4 employees in the cooler on their knees, and shot them execution style. One somehow survived and identified him. If you wanna look him up just Google Chip Hojan. He was a big sweetheart of a kid when I knew him. Always laughing, very soft-spoken. Like a big, young teddy bear. I couldn’t believe it. If I knew he needed money that bad I’d have let him keep it.

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