16 People’s Stories Of Being Neighbors With A Murderer

10. “He was certainly an odd one, but most odd people aren’t murderers.”

My next-door neighbor was arrested in 2011 for the murders of 4 women in California. Before his trial closed they were able to add two more to his charges. They know he killed at least ten (he kept journals and photos) but could only match up six. His MO also matches 8-10 other women’s murders in the New York area, so 20 women potentially.

He was certainly an odd one, but most odd people aren’t murderers. He was in his 70s, lived alone, did a lot of outside maintenance on his property but rarely left. He would wave and talk to me when he saw me walking my dog everyday. Normal stuff about the weather or the news. He always seemed irritable but who doesn’t have an old neighbor that isn’t? We invited him to thanksgiving one year. He brought some foul tasting stuffing and left five minutes later. One winter he was just standing in the middle if the street in the snow at like 3:00am. He always kept his windows and doors heavily shuttered. In May my husband and I finally decided to break into his house (it’s been sitting untouched since his arrest) and look around. I can completely see why he kept the windows covered. That house is the scariest, freakiest thing I’ve ever seen.

11. “He was always strange….”

My next-door neighbor was arrested for murdering his brother in law so that the brother of the brother in law would collect all the inheritance money from their money. My neighbor besides the murder was living a double life lying that he had a job for General Motors and told his family that he was always on business trips in other states. He was actually having a second fiancé that his wife and kids knew nothing about. The fiancé was actually a popular radio host around Massachusetts so that made this even bigger. He got life sentences and his family never sees him anymore and lost everything. The dad stole the college funds of both daughters and he money from the wife’s account. He borrowed money from my neighbor down the street and his family lost their house when my neighbor was arrested. He was always strange….

12.“My neighbor was convicted of murder. At 19.”

My neighbor was convicted of murder. At 19.

He was a clean-cut kid; got good grades, and was headed to become a pharmacist. He had dabbled in drugs, “experimented,” as some might say, but overall a good kid.

He apparently got into selling drugs, and sold this girl cocaine. She died almost instantly after selling it to her. He was charged and convicted of some form of murder, though the judge didn’t allow for an important piece of evidence to be shown to the jury: the girl in question had been in a relatively bad accident a week prior, and had sustained some serious head injuries. Oh, well.

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