16 People’s Stories Of Being Neighbors With A Murderer

8. “Apparently the couple was arguing and the dad just pulled out a gun and shot her between the eyes.”

I go to school with a girl whose father killed her mother. She seemed pretty chill for (not to be racist) someone with ridiculously strict Asian parents. She always said that her parents argued a lot but it was just business as usual, “typical Asian stuff” she said sometimes.

Come 5 or so months ago, she finds her mom’s corpse hidden away in a closet after walking home from school. Apparently the couple was arguing and the dad just pulled out a gun and shot her between the eyes. This happened during our school time so the dad skips town for the airport nearby. It’s a good thing his conscious got to him because he turned himself in the next day.

The daughter returned a week later and didn’t seem nearly as fazed as someone whose mother had just been murdered would seem. She seemed to be functioning excellently in school but wouldn’t talk to me or anyone else at school for weeks. When she finally opened up, she told me that she was staying with her aunt, who luckily lived very close by. She never told me how long her father was in for or in what charges, but she did say that she’d most likely never see him as a free individual again. In the most tonally upsetting way possible, she also told me that she should’ve known this would happen, and that she never wants to see him again anyways. I’ve never seen a person cry that much after that day in my 16 years.

I just forgot. I never stated where she lived. I live approximately 5 houses away from that place. I don’t look at it when I commute to school on my bike. The only thing I did after her mom’s murder was place a few roses on the porch, a few of hundreds that were already there. She never really mentions the place anymore, and I don’t blame her. The only thing she told me about the house is how her mother’s murder would only decrease the value of the surrounding houses, including my own. I sometimes hear my neighbor ranting in his senility. “Why the fuck did that asshole need to kill her? Not my fault, I shouldn’t be paying for it.” It doesn’t matter though, nothing anyone can do to change it.

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