25 People Share Secrets About Their Significant Others

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1. She gave someone a blowjob for free Taco Bell.

after we broke up she gave a guy a blowjob for free Taco Bell

2. Another boy raped him when he was 4.

When my ex was 4 a twelve year old boy living on his street made him play “games” that were essentially this other boy raping him. When my ex’s parents found out they punished him for it by keeping him in the house and degrading him for 7 months (he literally never left home. He actually got home schooled and was not allowed outside) He is now legitimately afraid of homosexuals. His parents never told the other kids parents, he still lives in the neighborhood and the games had gone on for 2 and a half years before they found out.

3. His father planned his own suicide.

My ex’s father planned his suicide, he sent money for a taxi for her and her sister so he could see them one last time… They were little and lived in different cities so it was a lot of money to spend on a taxi and they weren’t rich. So it was strange that he was sending that much money just to see them. Stranger yet… things weren’t easy between them because of his break up from her mom. So my ex and her sister decided to keep the money and take a bus.

He couldn’t wait any longer and killed himself minutes before they arrived.

He had ice cream and cake on the fridge and two bowls on the table when they arrived. They still regret taking that bus.

4. She masturbated with a lava lamp.

That the only time she’d masturbated was with her sister’s lava lamp.

5. He killed his dog when he was a toddler.

I used to spend a lot of time at my high school boyfriend’s house so his mom and I got somewhat close… One day he was out mowing the lawn or something and I was in the house chatting with her. I guess we got on the topic of pets and she decides to tell me a story I wish I never heard.

When my ex was a toddler they had this terrier and his mom LOVED this dog… Well my ex would tend to play a little rough with him. His mom would discipline him if he got too rough with the terrier. One day she had to step out of the room to do something and my ex was left alone with the dog. Well, when his mom came into the room the dog was dead. My ex hugged him too tight and broke its neck…

After she tells me this story, she says, “Oh but you can never tell him. He has no idea that happened…” Right at that moment my ex walks into the house and says, “Oh are you telling her about (the terrier)? That dog hated me.”

6. Her “number” is over 150.

My ex revealed to me about a year into our relationship that she has had sex with over 150 men. I thought she was joking. She did not take kindly to when I laughed.

7. He seems happy, but he’s always thinking about suicide.

He thinks about killing himself a lot. You’d never know, everyone thinks he’s a cheerful guy.

8. He still sucks his thumb.

He’s 27 and I occasionally walk in on him asleep with his thumb in his mouth. Not just the end. His whole thumb. Its adorable but I would never tell a soul.

9. He caught his dad jerking off.

My friend walked in on his dad jerking off one day. His dad smacked him and said “I didn’t raise you like this Jr. You always knock!” He was like 20 when it happened

10. She’d walk around at family gatherings with a buttplug in.

For extra anonymity, these are in no particular order: Ex#1: Would masturbate with her curling iron (not on) then not clean it, and turn it on because she enjoyed the smell of her goop heating up. Ex#2: Regularly walked around with a buttplug in. Even for family gatherings – it turned her on. Ex#3: Cheated on each boyfriend, including me. I’m the only one who found out.

11. She couldn’t hold her pee.

She has poor bladder control.

Make her laugh? That’s a pissin’.
Can’t make it to a roadside bathroom within a few minutes? That’s a pissin’.
Having an orgasm? That’s a pissin’.
Crying? Oh, you better believe that’s a pissin.

12. She could hold her pee fine—it’s just that she’d like to pee and shit all over herself.

Throwaway account here because, yeahhhhhhh.
Maybe someone else has had this same experience with this (unnamed) girl? I dunno. It was pretty weird for me.

I used to date this crazy girl in an unnamed southwestern state in the US, (who ended up being fairly nuts for entirely different reasons) but her big secret that I knew about her was what she liked to do.

She had this thing where we would go out, like to a bar or out for the evening at restaurant or something, then she would not use the bathroom, like hold it in all night. Then, as we would get home, she’d start talking about how bad she had to go, but she wouldn’t actually make ANY effort to get to a bathroom.

I’d even offered to stop at a gas station or somewhere else, but she would just refuse. She’d continue to play this “hold it” game all through the drive home and even up to when we were walking up to the door.

Finally, once she got to the door, she would stand there in front of it and then deliberately use the toilet in her clothes.

She did this probably 5 or 6 times during the time we were together.

And if you’re thinking, “poor girl, well maybe she had a medical problem or something”, believe me, it was a willing choice she made. She would just stand there and do it.

One example would be; we were coming back from having beers and she kept talking about how bad she had to take a shit. We got all the way to the house, (she kept talking about it constantly on the drive home) we got inside and once we were in the kitchen, I went to the fridge to get another beer and some munchies.

I then watched her out of the corner of my eye as she leaned slightly on the kitchen island, pretended to read some mail, then she tensed up and for about 30 seconds she proceeded to take a dump in her pants.

After I got my beer and had heated up some leftovers, we moved over to the couch and sat down together, and dude, I could totally smell it! I knew she could too! I started joking around going “hey, did you fart?” and she would laugh, but move a little further away from me on the couch. About 30 minutes later after what we were watching ended, she finally went into the bathroom and took a shower. Her clothes went into the wash.

Another time, we were driving home (again after drinking) and she kept talking about how she had to pee. Once we pulled into a parking spot, she ran out of the car into the building. It took me a few to get my jacket and stuff out of the car and when I got to the door, she was still standing in front of it, in the hallway and peeing full force into her pants, even though she had a key. She said, “look what you made me do.”

Other than that, she’d try to hide it from me. When we broke up, I asked her if that was a thing she enjoyed doing and she denied it.
She was really, really weird.

13. Her new boyfriend is into “fart porn.”

My ex has a new boyfriend, and she confided in me that he is into fart porn.

Fart porn. Who the fuck is into fart porn?

She has probably farted on him before.


14. She had sex with her brother.

My ex participated in incest with her brother when they were kids. They were 10 and wanted to kiss because it looked cool, so they did it and they liked it so they continued until they were 14. Eventually, they quit and went to being non-sexual siblings. Until three years, the state trooper arrested them for sex in the car and their parents (and the whole town) knew what they were doing. They were not very popular after that.

15. He had gay sex at 5.

When he was around 5 or 6, he and a friend would suck each other’s penises when they hung out. It was nothing sexual, just something they did. Apparently it was his friend’s idea.

I still wonder where the kid got the idea from. Whether he’d walked in on his parents, or if there was something more serious going on.

16. The school bully raped him.

My ex-boyfriend was raped by a bully in school when he was seven years old. He told me that while sobbing (he was 20 when we started dating), and was really insecure about how I would react, full of shame and pain in his eyes – like the abuse was his fault. I just hugged him while he cried, and said that I loved him and would never turn my back on him for something like that.

Child abuse is a serious issue, and leaves really deep scars.

17. She had three-ways with two black NFL players.

When she was in College a NFL team did summer camp at her school and she was there doing a summer semester. She did a few 3ways with two fairly famous players. She hasn’t told any of her new friends because both players were black. I found out by accident when she was talking to an old college roommate on fb chat and left her conversation open when she went for a run.

18. She broke her sister’s arm.

Everyone thinks her sister fell of the chair and broke her arm when she was a toddler. My girlfriend pushed her.

19. She masturbated with a hot dog.

My ex-wife lost her virginity at 14 to a guy who later died of AIDS, first masturbated at 12 with a hot dog she later fed to the family dog, had sex in the back seat of a car at a drive-in while a bunch of people watched, and had sex with 2 of the guys from Sublime (different occasions- when they were still a High School party band). All of this happened before I met her. We had a few adventures too, but eventually broke up because she had… Um… Mental problems.

20. He enjoys being pegged.

My boyfriend enjoys being pegged. He’s also questioning his sexuality because he likes t-girls as well as girls and would like to suck dick one day. I told him I don’t care what he likes that changes nothing and I’ll always love him regardless. Also pegging is fun ;)

21. His sister used to force him to go down on her.

Ex told me that his sister used to make him eat her out when they were really little. How the hell do I respond to that? We were laying in bed and he randomly told me.

22. His babysitter’s son molested him.

He was molested by his babysitter’s son when he was younger.

I’m the only person he ever told.

23. Her sister sexually taunted her with a rolling pin.

My ex told me when she was little, her older sister dared her to push a rolling pin into her vagina.

Apparently ‘how far did you get it?’ was not an appropriate reponse.

24. He cruises Craigslist looking for older men to fuck him.

My ex regularly posted on craigslist looking for older men (40-60) to fuck him. One if the ads said “piss and scat are acceptable” while another said he wanted to be treated like a dog, and if the guy had a dog that “it would work well with the dog bowl.”

I’m a girl.

25. His female cousin raped him.

My ex was held down by his female cousin and forced to have sex with her. He was still traumatised by it when he told me but for some reason people just don’t take male rape as seriously.

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