This Is What It Means To Find A Love That’s Truly Balanced

When you find a love that’s truly balanced, it will not be a repeat of other loves in your past. Your past loves were planted in your life to teach you what was a love unstable, unpredictable, incapable of being willing to accept the twist of events in life with grace and ease. Your past loves were work — waking up in the morning, saying hello, wishing a good day, returning home. Rinse, wash, repeat. A methodology that some accept as love, but not you. You know that love does not feel like a linen cycle, eternally in the same process, never evolving. You don’t deserve a love that is endlessly repetitive.

When you find a love that’s truly balanced, all of the forces of the world will combine to fuse you with another being ready to accept the love you’ve been preparing for. Maybe it’s cheesy to describe it as fate, but how else can it be described? When you find a love that is balanced, you’ll first begin to ponder of all the other possibilities that could have occurred — if you had been in a different place at that exact time — and understand how beautifully miraculous it is to find someone on the same cycle of life as you. Isn’t that what the earth is, just a continuous evolution of life and death? Even those small heartbreaks which nearly kill you still bring you one day closer to stepping into a new chapter of your life. When you walk into that new chapter of your life with a balanced love, they will accept those small tragedies with you, emerging forward united instead of against you.

When you find that love, the steps of the earth’s cycle will fall into place. You will not find yourself in the same mental state you once were with your past loves, wandering around in circles unable to find a way out of your own head. A balanced love will be filled with passion and emotion, enough to support you in all of your endeavors and enough for you to give back to the person who blessed you with it in the first place. They will inspire you to do more and create positive changes in your life that are beyond what you could have expected for yourself. They will push you to become a better version of yourself and in return, it will be eerily effortless to ask them of the same.

When you find that love, when the world surrounding you is moving so wondrously, do not let it go. A balanced love will not be selfish, and it will not be brutally sacrificing. It will be understanding, and it will be forgiving. It will let go of the past so you can move towards a future, together. It will not disappoint. A balanced love will find ways to strengthen itself because a relationship only operates when both minds are working towards the same goal. A balanced love will be working towards that common goal, and together, it will be a new evolution of your life that did not seem possible before.

You were not meant to rotate around this earth on the same path, and a truly balanced love will recognize your desires and needs to improve yourself just as much as the earth will shift around you. When you find a balanced love, let it challenge you, let it inspire you, let it scare you, and let it breathe and die with you.

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