I’m Not Going To Instagram Us

Ace Armstrong
Ace Armstrong

I’m not going exploit us
we are so much more beautiful than
the petty posts we could ever publish
to social media sites

I want to spend our time in the moment,
not trying to capture it.

I’m not trying to prove us
to anyone
and I don’t think anyone else
needs to be fed photo after photo
if they are not wholly genuine
they already talk about what the see
and what they read about me on the internet
why give them more?
we don’t need to take
overly posed
entirely reproduced
photos just to show other people who we are
we are already all that we need to be

when I am with you,
it is everything I want
I’m not going to make you feel like a poster child
to my dating life
and I’m not going to make you stop living
to remember living
and maybe,
here and there,
there will be a few photos of you, scattered throughout
because the world should know how incredibly vibrant you are
but I want those few, shared moments to be just that


there is more elegance in living memories with you
and capturing them, candidly
because you are so radiant when you don’t know anyone is looking
we are so much more lively than the internet
and you mean more to me than any series of photos I could ever
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