We Will Never Be Finished With Each Other

Brenda Calara
Brenda Calara

We will never be finished with each other.

We sift through an unending cycle of
seeing one another,
throwing ourselves back into our old habits
getting too drunk and confessing feelings that we could never say sober.
So we drink to keep us from remembering the innumerable times we have
numbingly said we loved each other.
And we go through this cycle over and over and over
until we temporarily quit because we remember
why we ended everything in the first place.

Every night I spend with you,
I feel the same way I did when I spent my first night with you.
I’ll always love the way my body melts into yours
the way time passes too quickly
how pieces of me still trace your apartment, in your room, in the kitchen
because you’ve never discarded all of the things I bought you.

I wonder if we will ever stop seeing each other
if we will ever realize that we will never fully belong to one another
because we will never fully understand how to love ourselves.
We are so in love with the idea of loving each other
that we forget how to love ourselves.

We put ourselves through this torturous ring of falling in and out of love
and I’m convinced I will never see the end of the circle,
maybe because we enjoy the pain of being so infatuated to the point of rawness.
Just so we can experience the cycle over and over again.

And maybe one day, we will have exhausted ourselves from this cycle
our bodies fallen apart from the times they have been torn to shreds from
the beatings we have given them
and our hands bleeding and bruised from the countless moments
we have held each other until we couldn’t feel our own skin anymore.

Maybe then, only then,
will we stand a chance at being finished with one another. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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