To The Person Who Feels Like Giving Up, Hold On A Little Longer

Greyson Joralemon

I know how hard life has been for you lately.

You’ve been overwhelmed and underprepared for how chaotic things have gotten, and you’re fighting for the ever-elusive sense of control that could make you feel normal again.
The unexpected has been closing in from all sides, and you don’t know how much more you can take.

You’ve been holding on for so long, and your grip is giving out.

But, please. Hold on just a little bit longer.

Hold on in honor of how far you’ve come.

Even on your weakest days, you persevere. Look back at where you started so that you can really appreciate how much you’ve overcome.
You have made it through some really trying times, even the ones you never thought you would.

And, you’re going to make it through this time too. Because that’s what you’ve always done.

Hold on and remember what you’re fighting for.

Remember the goals that you’ve made. Remember the people that love and support you. Even when you’re faced with setbacks, never forget what you’re meant to accomplish.
Don’t let those dreams be just a subconscious thought. Let them be awake and alive in your present moment. And, let them motivate you to keep going.
Hold on to the faith that, although it doesn’t feel like it right now, things will get better.

Have faith in your strength, and know that you have an unwavering power inside of you.

You have the power to overcome. You have the power to persist. You have the power to be hurting and scared and broken while still courageously pressing onward.
Because having faith is just trusting in yourself enough to know that you can outlast the pain.

Hold on to hope that your spirit won’t be defeated by your struggles.

Don’t allow any circumstance to subdue your spirit. Have hope that you can find a glimmer of light in the dark hours.

Because hard times are going to come, but they aren’t your home. They are just a temporary stop on your way to your true destination.
Don’t forget that the pain is temporary. So, feel it, let it have its moment, and then dismiss it. Because you’re not meant to live in it forever.
Hold on because you know that giving up is not an option.

Keep holding on because you’re a fighter, and that’s all you know how to do.

Keep holding on because these challenging times can’t defeat you. You have always been and will always be stronger than your circumstances.

So, to the weary soul who is losing the will to keep fighting: just keep holding on. You’re stronger than you realize. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Liz Newman is a blogger and poet from the Midwest.

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