If Your Date Shows Any Of These Red Flags Then Get Up And Leave Immediately

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He knew I’d had a haircut since I told him, but the first thing he said was that men prefer long hair, and my makeup was a little flashy for him, since he liked the natural look.

Why did I still go into the restaurant? Things did not improve.




Date was going well. Drinks, jokes, flirting, etc. Then she mentions that there’s no such thing as cancer, that it’s a huge pharmacological conspiracy and it just devolved from there.

Check, please.




Not me, but a couple next to me at Buffalo Wild Wings. The girl seemed to be into it at first, but he kept interrupting her and talking about himself. Then he started telling her she should wear her hair different and wear less makeup. She was obviously offended and pulled out her phone. I think she was arranging for a ride. He was so rude and after a long pause he goes, “you know this date isn’t going well at all right?” She smiles and says “I know” and gets up and leaves. The guy sees me looking and goes “her loss” and shrugs his shoulders.




He told me I was his “property” now and I obviously reacted negatively to that. Then he said I was lucky he was taking me out with my bad attitude and he would only take me out again if I was a “good girl”. I walked out of the restaurant before we even ordered food and never contacted him again.




He told me he doesn’t bother memorizing anyone’s name until after three months of knowing them. He also said that three times within the 5 minute ride to where we were going…




He kept complimenting my colouration, asked if I was mixed race, then told me we’d have ‘Beautiful half-caste kids’ (Exact phrasing) all in the space of five minutes.




I overheard a girl, I was to take out, tell her friend how basically I was going to be her taxi for the night while we went around visiting her friends.




He was late, I gave him 20 minutes to show up. I called to make sure everything was okay and he was still coming. He actually yelled at me and blamed me for getting the time wrong. Even if I did get the time wrong, that’s no reason to yell at someone.

He said he’d be there in twenty minutes I still waited for him. I should have walked away, the entire date was awful. He was then very surprised when I told him I wasn’t interested in a second date.




Not the worst of the worst I guess, but it creeped me out. It was either senior year in high school or freshman year in college. I met a guy named Tyler and gave him my number. He called and I agreed to go out with him a couple weeks later. For the next couple weeks, every time I would get home from work or out with friends or whatever, my dad would say “Brandon called” or “Mike called”. I don’t know how many different guys called during this time frame, but I was pretty baffled because I didn’t know who any of them were and they would leave phone numbers but the numbers were either disconnected or whoever answered would say it was a wrong number.

So while we’re on the date I asked him if he had given my number to his friends because all these guys I didn’t know were calling and he replied “No, it was all me. I’m just used to giving out fake names.”

Well, alrighty then.




I once went on a date with a chick and before we started eating, she pulled off her lips. Obviously, I had this “Huhwhadafunk?” look on my face and she told me that she used fake lips to look sexier and that it’s no different than fake nails or eyelashes. She said I should be lucky that she felt the need to look extra sexy for the date. I just walked right out and left her there. Never talked to her again. I don’t know and don’t care how she got home.




She showed up a little wobbly (drunk), slammed back two mixed drinks before the appetizers arrived and then burst into tears right as the waiter showed up.

I left as soon as I was able to, after ensuring that she was using Uber and not trying to drive. That woman was a hot mess.




She said, “I have a brain condition where I’m not responsible for my actions.”




This girl starting unloading all the problems she was going through like fifteen minutes after meeting her until the date ended. Her sister was a crack addict and her cousin who she thought was her best friend, accused her of being a crack addict and now her grandma won’t talk to her, and on and on.

I was polite, listened and responded when appropriately. After we ate I paid the check, told her it wasn’t going to work out and quickly left. I was going to take her to get ice cream afterward so just went and got it by myself. It was delicious.




He asked me what I thought I’d be doing in 5 years. I gave him a generic response. I asked him the same question, to which he replied “Living underground in a shelter after the nuclear apocalypse.” I thought he was joking. Later, we went for a nature walk and he showed me his “shelter” which was a hole in the ground and a tent covering the top of it.




I asked if she had a job? She said “no” because if she got a job her ex wouldn’t have to pay as much. In the divorce settlement, she quit her job to screw him as much as possible. Yeah. I don’t know the guy, but I know you’re a bitch.




Met a real character a few years ago.

Over dinner, I told him that my brother was a Marine. He replied, “my mother always jokes that I’ll fight for freedom one day. You know, in the next civil war. Been practicing on deer. Killing people can’t be that much harder.” He was also at least 30 pounds heavier than his photos and was a self-described redneck and doomsday prepper. At one point, I was so bored/tired of this 3-hour dinner date (he wouldn’t stop talking or ordering more food) that I didn’t realize my head was on the table. A fellow patron came over and remarked that I didn’t look good and the “gentleman” should take me home ASAP. Not all heroes wear capes.




Great guy. Great emails. He wanted to have dinner and was super nervous about his height. I could care less, never been picky on looks, the things he said mattered more. He said he was 5’2. I’m 5’4. No big deal, got to the restaurant and he’s easily 4’11.

Wow. Figure I still liked the things he said, so I wanted to make the best of it, he shared his passion for his job, his parents and really listened to what I had to say. He asked if I wanted to go for a drive and I went to his car, he had a beautiful car. Nicest car I ever been in. Then he started to brag about his income. I am not the type to look for a handout and really tried to steer the conversation to something more normal, but he kept telling me all the things he would buy me if I would let him eat me out for hours, sit on his face and all these other absurd things. I was mortified. I immediately excused myself and never spoke to him again.




He kept asking me if I was wearing hair extensions. I get the question sometimes, but this guy just wouldn’t believe me when I said it was my real hair. First time he asked, he was like “your hair is so pretty. You wearing hair extensions?” and I was like “ thank you, no it’s my hair”. I mean, he can ask if he’s wondering, that’s fine and I don’t mind. 10 min. later he commented again “can not believe it’s your real hair”, so I just responded, “it is.”

Again, 5 min. later he said “listen, if you’re wearing hair extensions, you can tell me, it’s ok. Just don’t lie about it.” Me: “Well, yeah I’m not and why on earth would I lie about it?” Him: “It’s false advertising.” I was seriously creeped out at this point. Maybe he had some weird hair fetish or something…Paid for my drinks and never called him again.




Once went on a date from a dating app, figured I’d try it out since I really didn’t have any free time due to college and two jobs to jump around the usual hangouts.

Things were going well in conversation and she dropped that her parents were really overprotective and weird but I couldn’t get her to define what she meant. Well, she seemed like a nice girl so we planned a date at a new place that opened up which was a little fancy. I got there early and paid for some wine and was waiting patiently when she comes in friendly and all but her parents come in too, honestly, I kind of expected it though.

What I figured her parents would do is just check me out, see if I’m some creep and what not maybe make a little conversation and when I stood to shake their hands they did not return the gesture and invited themselves to sit down. They didn’t really say anything and instead just kinda hung back and listened in on my and my dates attempt to have a conversation, when I made it very clear and directed the conversation towards her father asking what the game is here he said (after getting offended) “When do you plan to have sex with my daughter” I told him that that topic really comes down to a mutual decision and he responded with “would you be willing to do so soon and give them grandkids”

I fucking laughed aloud, I couldn’t help it. This kind of conversation carried on for one or two minutes too long, I apologized for my dates current life situation and advised counseling and getting help, and left when her Dad tried to physically stop me and tell me that I’ve already committed this far and he really did like me…

Man, I got the hell outta dodge.

BTW she was 22 and I was 21.




He picked me up for our first date three drinks in and already smelled like liquor. Uhhh, bye.




This will seem dumb, and it was a second date. Went to see a Mission Impossible 5 and she didn’t know Tom Cruise was in it. Like, we were in the seats, he appears, and she says “oh tom cruise!”. Nevermind the posters and all that or the previous 4 fucking movies.

I also vaguely remember her being surprised that a margarita had alcohol in it.

I imagined a lifetime of explaining shit 99% of people know but she doesn’t. That and she kinda just hopped in her car and left afterward and it was like 8 PM.




Talking to a guy on the phone after some texting through dating app. Can barely contribute to the conversation, he’s talking so fast and so much. He tells me he’s a military veteran who moved to this area specifically for special mental health treatment at this VA. Tells me he had sex with several staff members while on the inpatient psych unit. Nope. Nope. Nope. Wouldn’t take no for an answer until I blatantly told him to stop contacting me or I’d call the police.




Before the first date, he let me know he’d be totally cool with me dating girls and threesomes, just not other men. I had never expressed any interest in a threesome or polyamory. He also pushed me to tell him exactly which sexual acts I would be comfortable with. We didn’t meet on a hookup app or a dating site or anything like that.

He was a friend of a friend and I was insecure so I still went when I really should have bailed. Unsurprisingly he didn’t take it well when I gently let him down. Thankfully it turned out my friends were looking for a reason to get rid of him anyway.




He said, “are you like… one of those smart people?”




We were having lunch and discussing normal things (we met on a dating app so didn’t know each other that well).

I mentioned my apartment because I had been doing some rearranging the night before and she asked if I lived alone (harmless).

I told her “yes” and she asked if I would be interested in her and her daughter moving in with me next weekend.

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