11 Dudes Share The Little Things A Girl Should Absolutely Avoid Doing On A First Date

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These are pretty basic, ladies. I’m surprised there are people out there doing this stuff.

1. Don’t Make Him Do All The Talking

“Not asking anything about me or helping to continue the conversation.

It feels like a job interview that I just missed the rejection email for and still showed up for the meeting.”


2. Don’t Be On Tinder

“C’mon. I can see you’re on Tinder, I’m 3 feet away.


3. Don’t Be On Your Phone

“On their phone too much. You’re here with me, not the internet.”


4. Don’t Be On Your Phone

“Backing out last second, being late, staring at her phone, not carrying her end of the conversation, not at least suggesting we split/she bring some $ into the bill (drinks/tip/next one/whatever), talking about her ex more than natural, asking how much I make/other money related questions.”


5. Don’t Be On Your Phone

“I can handle anything, just leave your motherfucking phone aside.”


6. Don’t Be A Passive Participant

“Sitting back and letting me lead the way for the entire date. I choose the restaurant, I choose the time, I decide afterward, I’m responsible for breaking the touch barrier, I’m responsible for initiating the kiss, it’s up to me to invite her over to my place afterward, etc.

Any girl who actually participates and acts like she has opinions on what we’re doing is instantly like, 100% more attractive.”


7. Don’t Be On Your Phone

“Stay on your phone.

Put that shit down.”


8. Don’t Be A Flake

“Flakiness, without a doubt. I once had a woman text me 15 mins before we were supposed to meet for dinner, saying she was half way to San Francisco. Last minute road trip or some such. Honestly, now that I’m thinking about it I’m not sure if it was the flakiness or the implied disrespect that bothered me more.”


9. Don’t Talk About Your Medical Problems

“I had a girl talk about her bowel movements/ having to go to the ER at least twice a year because of her cystic fibrosis. Gross stuff doesn’t gross me out at all, but it still wasn’t entertaining to hear about her almost dying from mucous plugs keeping her from shitting for 2 days. Also being more than 20 minutes late, being on your phone a lot, not helping move the conversation forward, and expecting me to pay.”


10. Don’t Be On Your Phone

“Being on the phone, or having their mind somewhere else when trying to make conversation.”


11. Don’t Be On Your Phone

“I hate people who can’t put down their phone – not a full-fledged phone call – but many quick sneaks while you’re talking, places it on the table when you’re eating, etc.”


So, to sum up, don’t be rude, silent, or on your phone the entire time. Not that much to ask! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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