21 Men Share The Traits Girls Think Are Cute But Are Actually Annoying AF

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1. “I’m Mad, Chase Me”

The “I’m upset and walking away so you better come after me” game which goes directly into the sequel called “I looked back and you weren’t chasing me, why the fuck weren’t you chasing me?!” Game.


2. Taking Things Repeatedly As A Joke

Taking my glasses, I need those to see and they can be fucking expensive. If you do that to me the best case scenario is me irritated and blind, the worst case is broken glasses, and a blind and pissed off me.


3. Pretending Girls Don’t Eat

Not eating your food on a date. Years later I was told it “wasn’t cute” to eat everything. Drove me up a fucking wall.


4. Pretending You’re Dumb

Pretend to be dumb. Make us carry the conversation. Respond slowly so you don’t look too eager. *Guhhhhhhhhh*


5. Using A Fake Voice

Fake voice. It’s just irritating as fuck.

My sister does this. It’s weird hearing her go from her normal, slightly high voice to an almost ear piercing screech. Do you know much she controls her voice? She sneezes “cutely”. Our family has nuclear sneezes and the most I do in public is make it as quiet as possible so I don’t blow up the room. She goes, “achoo.. hoo!” The second added “hoo” being super high pitched. I find it so fascinating having a conversation with her and then she picks up the phone and does a complete 180. For me, I have a deep as fuck voice so there’s no point changing it. I only do it at my job and it’s only slightly higher.


6. Playing The Guessing Game

Not telling me what you want and thinking I’ll guess the right thing.


7. Jealousy Games

Trying to make us jealous. Sometimes a girl will go on and on about some other dude like it’s going to somehow motivate us into trying harder.

Usually, if this happens I’ll just assume that she’s more interested in the other guy and back off. I might be dumb but so are games.


8. Sexual Manipulation As A Sexy Thing To Do

I would say making the assumption that the chance of sex will make us easy to manipulate. I really hate the notion that guys only think with their dicks. Not every girl does this, but if I can sense a girl is trying to use her sexuality to manipulate me, I quickly lose interest/respect for her. Don’t insult my intelligence.


9. Duckface



10. Avoiding Conflict So You Don’t Break The Mystique

Avoiding conflict. It’s still not so much trying to be attractive, but to avoid any uncomfortable issues that arise in the relationship. I’ve had exes aggressively shut down or ignored my protests to certain unfavorable behaviors and opinions that deserved discussion. This, ultimately, led to the demise of the relationships that may have been avoided by an open attitude to conflict resolution. I’m not completely innocent, myself, but the frequency of this behavior was unacceptable.


11. Guessing Game Part 2

If you say you don’t care where we go for supper, you have forfeited your right to say no to every choice I make.


12. Being Fake Sassy aka “the Tough Girl”

Trying to be “sassy.” If it doesn’t come naturally to you (which is like 95% of women) it’s not funny you’re just being a bitch.


13. Being A Kardashian

Generally attempting to be a member of the Kardashian family in appearance/demeanor. That shit must be to impress other girls, not us.


14. Pretending To Be Helpless

Act helpless in unnecessary situations. You know what’s even hotter? An independent woman who can get shit done. I don’t want a princess. But I do want to treat you like one.


15. Up Your Filter Game

Overuse the dog filter on Snapchat. We get it, you like the dog filter. Really could apply to any filter.


16. Being Late “Because That’s What Women Do”

Being consistently late and making me wait to leave because you have to finish putting on makeup/getting ready/picking out an outfit.

It shouldn’t be the norm and it shouldn’t be expected just because you’re a woman and I wouldn’t say it’s cute either. I’d rather you be on time and go as is than to be 30 min late just cause. Or better yet, show you care about our plans by actually being ready with everything when it’s time to go. Shows you had forethought and we’re looking forward to going out. Wasting my time isn’t attractive.


17. Ladies, Don’t Be That Girl

Unless you’re dating us, grabbing our ass unexpectedly. It is sexual harassment.


18. White Girls Acting Black…Stop

Black guy here, I just want to say I love women of all races and ethnicities…but man, the amount of white women dropping jokes or acting like they’re from black twitter thinking I’ll enjoy their company more makes me sad.

I’m sure you’re cool enough otherwise I wouldn’t be conversing with you.


19. Running Yourself Down Cause It’s “Quirky”

Self-deprecation. Saying bad things about yourself. It’s not attractive.


20. Leading People On

Woman attracted to women here: leading me on when you’re actually not interested. I’m talking to you, straight friend who told me she was gay and held hands with me, drunkenly made out with me, cuddled with me and spent almost 24 hours a day with me until I actually asked her out. Suddenly boom, she has a boyfriend she’s never mentioned to me before and hopes it doesn’t ruin our friendship. Bye. Also, straight friends who use me as like a practice boyfriend, or try on purpose to be attractive to me when they really have no interest in actual woman-woman dating. They think it’s funny to lapdance me when drunk or make out or try to “seduce” me. While those things might be attractive on an actual woman-inclined woman, on a straight girl it kind of disgusts me.


21. Attitude As a Personality Trait

Thinking attitude is hot. It’s great in a joking way… Butttt…. If you constantly have an attitude or something snarky to always say, you’re not joking anymore, you’re just being an ass.

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