12 Reasons Why Spending Less Time With Your SO Might Be The Key To Making Your Relationship Last Forever

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When you spend all day and every day together, you sacrifice the other things you once did – the other things that made you fall for each other in the first place.

You become this empty shell that only reflects the other person.



You’ll run out of things to talk about, and stop looking forward to seeing each other. Of course, how much is too much varies by the stage of the relationship and the individual people.



It’s notorious for causing relationships to fizzle out in the early stages. It can get exhausting and (IMO) it’s important to be busy and passionate about your personal hobbies and goals – kicking it with the same chick every day makes you look (and be) complacent.

I like seeing a girl and feeling excited, not routine.



If you spend too much time around someone you can get locked in on some aspect of the person you don’t like and start noticing it all the time, even if the behavior is uncommon. You look at someone and just see that one thing they’re doing wrong because the normal great things have become background noise due to familiarity.



Healthy space and alone time is good, I think. Depends on your partner’s needs as to how much of it is good vs. bad.



Certain types of people can survive being the couple that “attached at the hip” with no side effects. Most will subconsciously start to resent each other as their lives homogenize and start to become indistinguishable.



Spending every moment of every day together in the early stages may set unrealistic expectations for one of the people in the relationship.

Setting some time for independence and alone time would do good for a relationship. Have separate friends, go out and have fun separately. If you can’t trust your SO to go party or go out with friends then don’t date them.



Neediness and boredom.

You need to go out and experience life by yourself to have something to share.



Well, if all I’m doing is going to work and hanging out with my girlfriend that means I’m not doing any of the other things that make up my life. In the end, that’s going to make me unhappy no matter how much I like my girlfriend because I need more in life than a girlfriend to be happy. Like friends, which I won’t have many of if I ignore them for long stretches of time.



I just started seeing a girl, and we spend the majority of our free time together.

But not necessarily actively engaging each other. She might be watching Netflix while I game. Or I might be watching Netflix while she games. We will take breaks to talk and cuddle, and have sex, etc. It doesn’t feel exhausting, and I still feel like I get my alone time because we are content to just sit in the same room together doing our own thing.

Working out well so far, but it’s still a new thing. This could go either way.



You know when your childhood best friend gets to stay over for a week or two because their parents are going on a Sandals cruise? You plan on spending every waking moment together doing stupid shit and everything is fine and you’re having a blast.. Until the Friday morning of the weekend before their parents return. Due to an unforeseen amount of factors you just wanna fucking take that bag of Cheetos that they’re loudly eating while playing San Andreas, lubing up your coveted blue PS3 remote with Cheeto grease, and you wanna blend those bastards with olive oil and bottled lemon juice and waterboard them with it until their parents return.



You’ll just see more of their bad habits because of the sample size. See, time is too big to fit only good things. So, you become overwhelmed by their not so great characteristics in that amount of time. When you arrange your time better you have the chance to appreciate their odd habits and mistakes and even absorb them “as is” cause you have the time to think about them without being a wall that is getting thrown good/bad shit at it every hour.

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