18 Guys Share The One Surprising Gesture That Told Them ‘She’s The One!’

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We were grocery shopping and split up to tackle the list. I was done with my items and was looking down each aisle to find her. I reached the cereal aisle and there she was staring at cereals and dancing, by herself, with nobody else in the aisle. She was doing like a jazz-hands type thing while shimmying back and forth with a dead-serious look on her face trying to figure out what to buy.

I had no idea such a creature existed…



After staying the night at her house. I woke up groggily the next morning to hear Weezer’s ‘Undone -The Sweater Song‘ playing loudly in the other room. I follow the sound to find her in the kitchen, dancing around adorably in nothing but her superman panties making us both breakfast. Cute as heck, and that booty?? BAM. I was in love with this girl.



We’d just got home from dinner with friends.

“I’m all peopled out”, she said.

“Aww, and you still brought one home with you”

“Look, he thinks he’s people!”



Whenever she bubbles with happiness and hypes up with that signature cute smile, not being able to contain it just shaking and giggling with an almost childlike enthusiasm. Also when i kiss her when she’s half asleep, she’ll seek my mouth almost like a magnet after the first kiss.



We were making pancakes one morning and I realized we were out of granulated sugar. I suggested asking the couple next door for some, and she started belting out ‘Hey Ya!’ by Outkast.

“Lend me some sugah, I am your neighbour!”



She made me pancakes for breakfast one morning, and tried to ask if I wanted syrup with them. She tripped over the first word, and just kept the sentence going with total gibberish. But I was so used to understanding what she wanted that she was nearly done with the sentence before I realized that she wasn’t speaking English. I just knew what she was saying.



She shared her on-campus apartment with 3 other girls, one of whom was an annoying bitch. The annoying bitch said something annoying as she passed by us, so I responded in kind, and she yelled (annoyingly) from down the hall, “Fuck you!” She immediately responded by yelling, “That’s MY job!”

I married her. 29 years this June.



We were walking up to a building and she began singing and skipping. When we got to the doors she opened one up, ran in and to the one in front of me, and jumped out all while finishing the song. She had the biggest smile on her face and my heart melted.



The first movie we watched together, there was a scene with a topless woman. She blurted out “Holy shit, those are some jacked-up titties.”

Which they very much were, and the bluntness of it just made me laugh. I found her ability to make jokes and poke fun at everything refreshing, and she’s very good at it.

She’s made me laugh in one way or another every single day since.



I was watching TV on the couch and she jumped on me with nothing but panties on and started humping me like an animal as a joke. That’s when I knew.

Plus we had sex after so yeah.



My ex would growl at me like a dog, do a high pitched bark and then go into attack/play mode with me and we’d tussle around on the bed. That and we’d do dishes together, which ended in a spray nozzle fight about once a week. Ole girl was a lot of fun.



We had been hanging out together for a little while, not actually dating, when we started playing keep away with a little football. We were laughing like idiots. She had it, I went after it, she ended up in my arms, and next thing I know… she drools all over my forearm. She was mortified, I thought it was pretty cute that I made her laugh so hard she drooled.



We were house-sitting, we came back late one night and while I was struggling unlocking the door in the dark, she started smacking my ass with a rolled up newspaper singing “shine bright like a diamond.”



She farted and laughed really hard.



When drunk at the bar her signature dance move was hips bent slightly forward and gyrating arms in a giant circular motion. After the 3rd time seeing this I knew I had to have her.



When she thanked me for existing. There were girls before who were attracted to me, or were in love with me, but nobody loved me like that.

But there are many, my SO is a walking collection of adorable moments:

  • Telling me she is nervous on our first date. I told her “this will calm you down”, and kissed her, and asked what about now. She told me “now I’m even more nervous, but it doesn’t matter”
  • Farted for the first time in front of me and being so embarrassed she hid under a blanket for a couple of minutes.
  • Told me when I’m not there (semi long distance) she still sleeps on half of her bed, to make a place for me.
  • Telling me to watch out for myself because if I die, she will kill me.
  • Whenever we do spooning, and I don’t know where to put my arms, she grabs my hand and places it on her boobs.



She called me a twat on twitter when I said Melissa McCarthy wasn’t funny. Then tweeted again “jk love you.”

It was simple but I took a screenshot of that and look at it at least once a week.



We were walking through a park when it was snowing and she wrote our initials in a giant heart with her footsteps.

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