14 Dudes Confess The Surprisingly Killer Traits That Make A Woman A Keeper

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Self-assured, intelligent, self-reliant, funny, interesting, warm, attractive.

Basically, if you have all your shit together and know you have all your shit together, but are still generally nice and fun to be around to everyone, you’re golden.



Being themselves. Like, truly being themselves.

Current GF: she is distinctly her from her art to her dress. She is elegant, has good taste, and even the way she moves, converses, and acts playful is all exclusively her. This is years of cultivating her own interests and passions that culminate into this incredible human being. I’ve never met anyone like her and I never will again. I’m keeping this one.



The trouble with “Drama free,” and these is that most of the time, if done even slightly the wrong way, will send most men packing for the hills.

If a girl says “I just get along better with guys, it’s less drama,” what does that scream to you? It screams to me: “I AM A HUGE PILE OF DRAMA!”

If a girl walks up and says “I want to fuck you,” you’re going to make some assumptions that seem reasonable but may not apply if someone takes your advice and tries it.

Education matters, but less in the form of degrees. I remember a girl with Dean’s List every semester from a good university- in her junior year, I had to explain to her what the USSR/Soviet Union was. Now, I get it, if you were in say, Engineering, you’d be forgiven for not having the full breadth, but no, her degree was in History. On the other hand, there’s a girl I last dated who dropped out of college, but she’s by far one of the brightest and most-rounded individuals I know. She works in a medical lab, but her worldview is shaped by a wide breadth of the humanities that impresses me greatly- it isn’t some neoliberal attitude, rather something very different, and it’s wonderful to see.



Big titties.

HAHAHA, high quality would be a genuinely open heart, someone full of love and passion. That’s a 10/10, easily. If she’s got brown hair and brown eyes, I’ll trip over myself to say hello to her.



I am really drawn to women who are intelligent, ambitious, and confident. My ideal partner is someone who can both support and challenge me, but who has similar life goals as mine so that we can work toward them together.



I’ll go with loyalty. Not just to you, but to her friends, family, etc. You may think that she’s flakey or two-faced to everybody else but different around you, but you’ll most likely end up disappointed before long.



Cute, smart, driven, loyal, modest. Sounds simple enough, but finding all five is like finding a unicorn.



Just being able to relatable to you and being willing to listen to any problems you have in life and just being able to love you no matter what.

In a short answer though, she has to be thick as fuck!!



Someone who doesn’t live to impress other people, cares a bit about her physical appearance but not to the point of vanity, doesn’t do the whole “I can be a huge bitch or the sweetest person you’ve ever met” thing cause guess what, it usually ends up being the former.

She has interests and friends, people who are important to her, as opposed to just a string of dopey exes who she hates. Doesn’t make me feel nervous or on edge, like I’m one minor fuckup away from being cut out of her life.



Physically attractive: “A well-built physique is a status symbol. It reflects you worked hard for it, no money can buy it. You cannot borrow it, you cannot inherit it, you cannot steal it. You cannot hold onto it without constant work. It shows discipline, it shows self-respect, it shows patience, work ethic and passion.” This needn’t be a bodybuilder or taken to an extreme- “too much of a good thing” is very real.

Discipline is important enough to warrant two mentions- because there are bad apples from every bunch, and the difference between someone high quality and not isn’t just who raised her and how, but more that she’s sure of her convictions- not because she’s been sheltered and not allowed to live the life she wants, but because she has stood her ground and determined (from the start) which way she wants to live her life, and set herself on that path. I’m saying a “I understand what is being offered, and it does not interest me,” for example. There’s no kudos for a correct choice that’s been made for you only after the consequences of the earlier made wrong choice become apparent.

Loyalty isn’t underrated, but its importance needs to be stated regardless.

Knows how to dress smart. There was this one girl I respected immensely. She wore a dress, worked with underprivileged youth. Every day, she’d wear a dress, a business skirt, a whichever, and she would look amazing in it. Not “because she’s her,” and she was attractive, but because she knew how to put herself together. She would not be caught dead in sweatpants or without at least a small amount of applied makeup. She was promised to another man or I’d have asked her out.

A positive attitude in the face of adversity, or at least the gumption to keep going when something gets in her way.

Skills! Singing, sewing, stitching, cooking, yada yada yada, stuff I basically suck at. Manners, naturally, but those are skills I count. Of course, they can be other skills- ones that I am actually good at include horseback riding, fencing, and so on.



I don’t think it’s possible to rate either genders in any sort of quality. I’m afraid humans are a little bit more complex than that.



Cares about herself and tries to have a good influence on others.



Honest communication, even when it’s difficult.



I’m looking for something in an attack dog; one who likes the sweet, gamey tang of human flesh. Why, here’s the fellow! Wiry, fast… firm proud buttocks… reminds me of me!

If you got this Simpsons reference then you’re a keeper.

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