24 Men And Women Share The Traits That Are Dealbreakers Now Matter How Hot The Other Person Is

@kayschris / www.twenty20.com
@kayschris / www.twenty20.com

1. Being A Negative Complainer All The Time

Being generally negative. I went on a date with a girl once to a bar she went to all the time. She proceeded to point out the people she considered her “enemies.” I did not go on any more dates with her.


2. Power Tripping

Being rude to children, pets, or people who are trying to do their jobs.


3. When They Don’t Maintain Their Independence

As flattering as it might seem in the beginning, I find it really off-putting when a guy doesn’t want to maintain any of his independence or passions. Seriously – Go out with your friends, listen to the music you like, keep up the hobbies you enjoy, etc. We have plenty of time to share experiences together, but we don’t need to live the same life 24/7.


4. Radio Silence

Lack of communication.

I don’t need you to be in constant contact with me, but if you are only going to say something once a week to figure out when we are going to meet up, I am probably going to forget about you very quickly.


5. People With “Enemy Lists”

I don’t understand people who think enemies is a real thing normal people have. Sovereign states at war have enemies. You have people you dislike being around, people who dislike being around you, and people who those two groups overlap.


6. Tearing Down Others

Needing to tear others down to build themselves up.


7. Bad Hygiene

I just left a guy who would act like a dick whenever I asked him to brush his disgusting teeth before kissing me.


8. Literal Adult Children

Temper tantrums.

I refuse to put up with childish behavior.


9. Being Helpless And Lazy

Not just stupid, but helplessness. Someone who might not know something but lacks the motivation to find out. You may be very good looking but if you’re so used to everyone figuring out answers for you that you’re helpless and lazy, goodbye.


10. Playing Hard To Get

Playing “hard to get” Fuck that it’s the current year I don’t have time for this shit.


11. Constant Need For Affirmation

Constantly on their phones/social media. You’re not that big of a deal. No one really cares. All your selfies look the same.


12. Please Don’t

When they always compare you to their ex.


13. Being Willfully Ignorant

Willful ignorance. I don’t believe I’m the smartest cookie in the room, but I try to educate myself. I always want to learn more about the world. Someone without a similar passion for learning would not have my respect. I once dated a guy who didn’t know what a fence was, and it was a huge turn-off.


14. Just “Snowflake” Things

If I’m on a date and they say anything along the lines of “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best”.

Yeah we’re done here.


15. Ego Driven Entitlement

Inability to take accountability for their own mistakes. Inability to take initiative and reciprocate. Arrogance, self-entitlement, inflated ego. We all struggle with these things, but for some people there isn’t a single moment where they are willing to be introspective and realize that, hey, maybe sometimes shit is your fault. Not that it is about who is at fault, but in order to move forward in a relationship you cant expect the other person to make all the changes.


16. Wasting All That Sexiness

Boring in bed.

I am a kinky guy, I’m not giving that up.


17. Rudeness

No matter how attractive a guy is aesthetically, the moment he starts acting like a rude/obnoxious/entitled/ignorant/generally unpleasant arsehole, I’m immediately repulsed. Once I realize someone’s a dick, they become ugly to me – no matter what their appearance.


18. Being A Secret Racist

Yeah, I once dated a girl who wasn’t racist while she was sober, but once she got a little bit tipsy, pretty much went to full on racist. Once she wouldn’t shut up about how a black guy that was with us was going to rape her and he hadn’t even said a single word to her that night.


19. Doesn’t Respect Your Free Time

Trying to control my free time. When I come from work and finish studying for a bit I’m gonna want to play video games or something. I need to unwind. You’re more than welcome to join me but if we can only do what you want to do then it’s a deal breaker.


20. The Plight Of The Introvert

Being a highly extroverted go getter that can’t spend a bloody weekend at home without panicking.


21. Being Super Religious

Super religious. Scrolling through tinder and I see “god comes first. I love Jesus” automatically skip them. Doesn’t matter what they look like.


22. Being Constantly Competitive

If they are constantly competing with you and can’t let you be good at something without being better themselves (in their view). Had a gf for too long who did this (thankfully it’s over now) who couldn’t let me have my moments of joy when I did something good in the video games we played and always talked it down and said how she did something else better so she was the superior.

What makes it worse is that I am a humble person normally so the moments I say out loud are important for me, when I do it. Those getting destroyed anyways feels super bad and made me sad too often.


23. Stinginess

My grandma once told me this: if you ask your man for ten dollars to go buy groceries, and at the end of the day he asks for change back, you don’t want that man.

I was still pretty young when she told me this, so I didn’t understand at the time, but now I do. I myself am a pretty generous person, so my SO will need to be similar. I find that generosity and stinginess really has nothing to do with how much money one has. It’s just a personality trait.


24. Can’t Have A Discussion Without It Becoming A Fight

Inability to carry on a mature conversation, where we can theorize and discuss issues without getting personally offended by any topic that doesn’t agree with our personal worldview. As Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

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