16 Men And Women Tell The Story Of The Worst Tinder Date They Ever Had To Endure


1. A Different Person Showed Up

“Not exactly my worst, but potentially most confounding. Completely different girl showed up to my date. I’m not talking clever use of camera angles. This was a completely different person.

I was honestly just amazed that someone had actually done this, and that I was witnessing it. It was one of those things that I’ve heard stories about from friends, but never actually experienced.

It was super weird. She mentioned facts about me as if she was the one I was messaging, so who knows. I left after a drink. Met up with some friends.”


2. Not A Match

“Finding my mom on there.”


3. Stood up twice in one night

“I once got stood up twice in one night. With the first girl, me and her had an actual planned out date a few days in advance. I get to the place and texted her. She texted me 20 min later and said she had met up with a friend beforehand so she was running late. She never showed up. I started Tindering at the bar, matched with someone, told her about my situation and asked her what she was up to. She said she was at a bar by herself, and told me that it sucked that my date just didn’t show up. I asked her if I could join, and she gave me an enthusiastic-sounding “sure!”. She wasn’t there when I showed up lol. I sarcastically messaged her ‘Wow stood up twice in one night! I feel like I should get a prize or something.’ She didn’t respond and un-matched me the next day. The first date later said that she showed up late and I had left already, and wanted to re-schedule. I just wasn’t feeling it anymore and got off Tinder after that one.”


4. The Rock n Roll Lifestyle

“Guy invited me on a date to a bar to watch a band play and get a drink or two. I show up and wait around for a good 20 minutes. Turns out it was his band that was playing and he had invited 3 other girls on ‘dates.’ I was so mad, and waiting outside for my Uber when he came out and told me I was being incredibly rude and he never wanted to see me again.”


5. White Girl, Into Asian Dudes, Hates asian Food

“I’m an Asian dude. Matched with a white girl who was very clear in her profile that she only wanted Asian dudes. Normally, I don’t like being with anyone with a racial preference, even if it’s my race, but everything else about her (job, hobbies, etc.) seemed pretty interesting. Took her to a Korean restaurant and she revealed to me that she’s one of them picky eaters that grew up eating chicken fingers her entire life. Everything else about her turned out to be as boring as her culinary preferences. How do you expect to land an Asian dude when you’re afraid of any cuisine outside of fast food?!?!?”


6. The Bitter Tinder Ex

“Back in college, met a girl on Tinder. Invited her over after meeting out at the bars that night. We hook up and she was gone in the morning. We went out 1 more time sober and realized it wasn’t working out/what we wanted so we stopped talking.

Anyways, 2 months later. My roommate brings her home and they hook up. Apparently they met on Tinder as well. I wake up to her coming into my room. I wake up and ask her to leave since I had class the next morning. She ends up pushing this red button that was in all the bed rooms at this particular campus. For those who have never seen this, it is a small red button that sends the police a distress signal.

Anyways, later I have the police at our apartment as I explain to them that she thought it was funny to be press the button and I want her to leave. Meanwhile, she goes on saying it was an accident. Luckily, she finally leaves after all that.”


7. The Most Expensive Tinder Date

“Not me but a friend of mine.

So he met this girl on Tinder, they chatted an after a month she invited him to her town, around 100km away. He agreed because he had a fucking date! So he drove to the town and a nice evening, eventually they got dinner. They eat but after the meal she ‘gotta go to the toilette’ but never comes back.

He had to pay the whole bill with his leftover money. He got back home and it was an pretty expensive trip for him…”


8. I Love You!

“Matched with an insanely hot guy. Told me he was a virgin but figured I’d let it slide. Go to his place and he was super handsy and sucked at kissing. I decided I was over it and told him I had to leave. He hugged me at the door and said, ‘I love you.. I mean I love your body!’

I got out of there so fast that I left my favorite cardigan. I have no desire to get it back.”


9. Partied Out

“In 2013 my buddy hit it off with a young lady on Tinder. She lived in a college town about an hour away and he invited her out drinking in our city. He, I, and a dozen of our male friends were pregaming hard before a fraternity mixer. She shows up to his new and expensive highrise condo and she’s gained at least 40 or 50 pounds since her profile pictures were taken. Then she got riggity riggity rekd on shots and beers. Most of the party clears put to get changed and it’s just the owner of the condo, her, and me. It’s maybe 10pm and we want to go out but she’s slurring her words. She starts vomiting. And doesn’t stop for an hour, that’s when I went left. Why the owner of the condo decided comes with me is a question lost to history, but he leaves her in the bathroom. When he got back he said she had curled up on his bed and puked on the night stand. So he sleeps on the couch.

And when he awoke, she had disappeared without paying for or cleaning anything.”


10. “I Renounce All material possessions”

“Not me but a friend of mine met a girl who was fine, he went out with her a few times but on the third date she went fucking crazy. I don’t have all the details but she was sitting in his truck talking to herself and at one point threw her phone out saying she didn’t want any attachment to material possessions. He says it got worse from there. It ended up with the cops taking her away.”


11. When You Find Out You’re The ‘Other Guy’

“Matched with a girl, dated for about a month/month and 1/2. Introduced me to her ‘neighbor’ at one point that she car pools with and I figure okay, whatever.

We end up having sex a few times, she comes over my place again, I (wanting to have sex again) make a move and she slips shit and leaves.

I feel awful wonder holy fuck was I that much of an asshole? Look at her FB page because I was thinking about her we finally added each other earlier that day and see that Mr. Neighbor and her had been in a relationship for 2 years and either still were or had just broken up and are most likely living together.

Never got a chance to confront her because she hasn’t spoken to me since. I sent a few texts but she unfreinded me on FB so I got the message and deleted her number and our kik conversation.

Some people use that shit for one night stands or FWB and if that was what would have been established I’d have been fine with it. I didn’t think it was that starting out.”


12. When You Find Out You Were Just The Designated Driver

“This was my friend… but it was a great story.

She agreed to go out with a guy. They made plans that included her being picked up by him. She gets in the car and notices that he has one of those breath start contraptions that you get with a DUI. Bummer, but not a deal breaker. They get to the restaurant and it is a terrible Mexican spot. She is a not a picky eater, so she said she would give it a whirl. The food was okay, but not great. They are talking and getting to know each other, and she notices that he orders a couple of margaritas. At the end of the meal he lets her know that he doesn’t have any money. She pays for the dinner and just wants to go home. They get to his car and he says he can’t drive because he had drinks. She is way nicer than I would have been and decided to drive his car to his house, then Uber home from there. She had to keep blowing in the device and was just really pissed about the whole thing.”


13. A Dave & Buster’s Regular

“I got tea with this guy as a first meet-up, and that went decently so I agreed to go out with him again. This time he suggested Dave and Busters. It was like a Wednesday night; the place was totally empty. This had the potential to be either really lame or really fun; it was definitely the former. He had no desire to drink (I offered to buy), revealed that he goes there by himself rather often, and by the end of it I was basically watching him play video games. First time I ever contemplated leaving while someone was in the bathroom.

After the date he kept texting me and I was pretty unresponsive, hoping he would take the hint. After a couple days I told him I wasn’t interested, and he responded by cursing me out. Good times.”


14. Well, He Wasn’t Wrong

“I was having a great conversation with guy on Tinder. Then he asked me what I’d like to do in the future. I said I’d like to work for a company like Monsanto (Ag Business major in college here). Then they proceeded to call me ‘Lucifer in the flesh’ and unmatched me (blocked). I shortly deleted Tinder.”


15. Wait For It

“I knew the girl before the date, because she’d worked at my job before being fired. I’d always thought she was cute, and she liked Batman, so I decided I’d try her out. We match, and decide to meet at a local hot dog stand. We’re eating, and everything is going great, and then I feel something get stuck in my throat. Turns out a piece of hot dog was completely blocking my esophagus (luckily, past my lungs, so I could still breath). I excuse myself to a nearby bathroom and attempt to hack it up for about 5 minutes, and then I started coughing blood. Long story short, I end up in the hospital, had to get an endoscopy, and ended up texting her a bunch of graphically explicit things about her ass while on anesthetics.

And that’s how I met my future wife.”


16. All Within Twenty Minutes

“She said she was voting for Ben Carson.

She called her father ‘Daddy’

She made me sit through an entire Joe Jonas song.

That or when I showed up to the bar and she just started talking shit about all her ex’s and then she ended up making out with one dude and went home with another… This all happened within 20 minutes.”

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