15 Men On The One Thing They Just Can’t Resist About A Woman On A First Date

Credit Jesse Herzog
Credit Jesse Herzog

1. She Leaves her phone In Her Purse

“Does not even pick up her phone.”


2. She Has A Cinematic Sense Of Timing

“Look back just before disappearing from view at the end. Like, lets say you are getting into a cab. Just before you close the door, you stand up again, look over the door for one last glance, then get in and ride away.”


3. She’s not Coy or “too Cool” About Having A Good Time

“Show actual interest while on the date and past it. Not saying you need to be all over the place, listening to everything and shit, just show genuine interest in the overall event, either by starting conversations, having an opinion on where to go.

And, after the date/in the end of it, show that you want to do it again. There’s nothing more amazing (at least for me) then a woman who’s confident enough to show that she liked you and it’s eager to go after you.

Of course, only do all of that if you really feel that way, it’s useless if you’re faking it.”


4. She’s proud of herself and Shows who she is

“Asked a girl out on a dinner date, which was going well, then at the end she says ‘hey, so you want to see my favorite place here?’ She then took me to the top of the tallest parking structure in town and showed me an awesome view of the city. Very spontaneous and adventurous.

I also had a different girl take me to the college library after our date and dared me to kiss her in the isles. I won the dare :))

I just really like when a girl does something that shows or confirms her personality that you might not get from conversation at dinner.”


5. She Initiates her part of The Conversation

“Active participation in initiating and holding the conversation. It’s a two way street.

This just happened to me too. Stopped talking to her nearly 6 months ago, then I got a text asking why I “suddenly disappeared”. Honestly thought it was because she wasn’t responding, but it was just due to her short responses… and she did it again.

I’m just going to tell her that I have an issue with that. I bet the answer will be ‘K’.”


6. She Breaks The Formality

“Talk to me like we’re not on a date.

Dates have ramped up expectations and a sense of formality. Each party is expected to put on their game face and act like a better version of themselves, to try to impress the other. I’d much rather just have a relaxed environment where we can talk like two regular people just hanging out and getting to know each other. It takes off the pressure, lowers walls, and makes it more likely that I’m going to know where things are going by the end of the night.”


7. She’s Not Afraid To Take Charge

“To me, the most attractive thing a woman can do at any time, including on the first date, is take charge. Lead, be assertive, take initiative. I definitely prefer dominant people, including women. I hate dealing with shy or submissive people of any variety. Tell me you disagree with me and why, compliment me first, order first without waiting for us to decide who will go first — just do it. Go first. Take initiative. “I know what I want” is such an attractive thing to hear, be it verbally or demonstrated in actions.”


8. She Asks Him About Him

“Ask me questions and keep up your end of the conversation. I have been on too many dates where the woman expected me to do everything from guide the conversation to plan the date as well as pay for everything. Asking questions about me shows that you are interested and want to learn more about me.”


9. “Let Me Know When You Get Home Safe”

“Say to me, ‘let me know when you get home safe.’ Pretty much guarantees a second date. I know she’s a good girl and was raised right.”


10. She Makes It Known If She Enjoys the date

“Just show interest in me. The worst dates fall between a job interview and an audition. Just make me feel like your glad to have my company and this isn’t my chance to prove myself worthy for yours.”


11. She Asks HIM Out

“Not on the first date, but initiate the first date.

It’s hard enough to do that as a guy, to do it as a girl would take huge amounts of confidence. I respect that, and it makes me want to know you better!”


12. She’s Sneaky In All The Best Ways

“Oh, when you’re just walking next to her and she slips her arm inside yours and kind of hangs on. That’s the bomb diggity.”


13. She Has passions And Shares them

“Be passionate about anything at all. Like be passionate about crocheting I don’t give a fuck just be into anything at all instead of telling me that all you do is watch Netflix and go to work.”


14. If She Wants A Second Date, She Gets It

“Make plans for the 2nd one. Be the one to suggest it. That ‘asking for a second date’ moment is nerve wracking for guys. If you take the pressure off by doing it for them they’ll go home happy and looking forward to that second date that YOU made happen.”


15. Guys Are Dense, Be Obvious

“Let’s be honest most guys don’t get hints. I know I don’t. If after the date you’re into the guy make it obvious you like him. Either by saying just that, a kiss on the cheek, it doesn’t matter as long as he knows you’re interested.”

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