15 Men Confess The Surprising And Uncommon Traits That Always Make A Woman Attractive

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1. Beauty, Kindness

Beauty and kindness. A sense of humor is a bonus, but the other two are more important.

I want my woman to have eyes worth losing track of time whilst gazing into on infrequent periods, and a heart that will never, ever make me want to leave her side.


2. Red Heads

Is she pretty?


Is she pretty and has red hair?

“Excuse me while I wreck my life because crazy redheads are the best.”


3. She Has To Have A True Sense Of Humor

Laughter. If a girl can laugh, and take herself, the people around her, and life in general not-too-seriously, I’m on board.

Humorless people just kill me inside.


4. An Affectionate Woman

If she is affectionate.
I’m addicted to affection.


5. She Has To Be Brave And Care About Others

Radical, but mature love for the other.

Someone who sees others as human regardless of who they are or what they think or do.

Someone who is willing to take a risk just for the chance at helping someone else.

Someone who would chase down the man who stole her purse and give him her coat too.

But someone who is willing to stand up to wrongdoing with courage and spine, yet still gentleness.

Who will fight viciously against hate and exploitation. But will still want to care for the wrongdoer.

Who values others over herself.

And most of all who knows that though it’s impossible to achieve all of the above, believes in that model of love firmly enough to strive for it despite the fear, and pain, and failure. And has the grace to forgive those around her who also fear, and hurt, and fail to achieve the ideal that they pursue.

That’s attractive beyond anything else. Always.


6. She Needs To Be A Rebel

Intelligence, determination and a sense that rules are for other people.


7. Intelligence, Passionate About Life

Intelligence and passion in something (wether it’s in life itself or a hobby or their job, etc).

My first girlfriend was an absolute workaholic, was fluent in five languages, went to some of the best schools in the world and interned and later found jobs in several prestigious companies where she currently works. She was more intelligent then most people I knew (male or female) and I just loved talking about random policy changes in various countries or she would just out of nowhere go “oh do you know what’s happening in X country?” and after shaking my head no she would go into a deep analysis of some current situation and we would talk about it.

We’re still friends now and I absolutely love talking to her to this day.

My second long term girlfriend was intelligent but in a different way. She was/is an artist and is currently going to grad school to become an architect. The look on her face when she saw some magnificent piece of art or the way or eyes would dart around when she saw a well put together building, I can’t really put it into words but it made me feel so warm inside seeing this beautiful intelligent woman get so wrapped up into an art piece or a building.

Sorry for my rambling, they are both in my past now but for better or for worse I hope I can find someone who is equally passionate and intelligent.


8. It’s A Balancing Act

There’s no one thing. There’s always another parameter that in the extreme could turn into a deal breaker.

I am very attracted to an exuberant personality and intelligence… so much so that I’ll overlook a lot of physical beauty issues…but if you’re 350 lbs it’s not happening no matter how awesome you are.

Likewise if you’re a perfect 10 with great tits and legs for days you’ll definitely turn my head, but if you have a shit personality or are dumb as a box of rocks I’m out fast.


9. She Has To Be A Kind Amazon

Confidence, assertiveness, kindness to those less fortunate than them or where they have authority/power over, and of course a similar sense of humour to mine.

Physically? Amazonian traits and/or ‘lesbian’ hairstyle.


10. Someone Who Pushes Herself

Obviously appearance, but beyond that: being outgoing, not ashamed of what they like or dislike, pushing themselves and others to do more.


11. Basic But Essential

If she is nice to me.


12. She Has To Be A Conversationalist

Pretty & good at making conversation.

I’m the type of guy to walk into a room and just start talking to any random person. The amount of people I’ve spoken to who can’t make conversation is disheartening =/

Also, I’m not trying to blame them or anything, just saying being a good conversationalist is very attractive.


13. Looks And Skill

Black hair, green eyes, a chocker, sharp wit, and skill in some hobby/talent that I suck at.

Causes mental short circuiting. Certain brain processes just don’t function and damn. Just damn.


14. A Joker

Intelligence and cheekiness. If a girl can make a (good!!!) joke about me, she’s earned herself a lot of attention.


15. A Girl Who’s Competitive

One who beats me. I’m extremely competitive.

Oh you got 93 on our contract law quiz? Yup, were gonna be looking into anatomy on our soon to be study date.

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