15 Men Confess To The Biggest Lies They’ve Ever Told Their Wives And Girlfriends

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That I liked her mother. Satan better watch out, because the day that woman croaks Hell is going to have a new ruler.



That I didn’t mind her tattoo of her ex’s name.

It was on her chest/shoulder. Had to see it every time I undressed her.

Never got easier just ignored it.

Thank god. I got out of that one.



That I forgave her after she had a threesome with our best friends/roommates. I thought I could at the time but looking back I knew it wasn’t true and should have cut it right there instead of dragging out another year afterwards. I never truly believed another word that came out of her mouth after.



That I’ve never seen someone die in my line of work.



Whenever my ex would ask me “do you think she’s pretty?” I would always say no. Even if she asked me about celebrities/models. I think it got to a point where it was really obvious I was lying too



That her cooking was fine, even great.

She didn’t learn to cook / bother to be interested in it until ~3-4 years into the relationship. Then she wanted to learn it. By now, she does okay, but the way there was a struggle. Simply because the one quality, besides a working sense of taste/smell that you need in cooking, is patience. And that is not part of her personality.

As a result, the meals she cooked initially put my ability to smile through tears to the test; and I am quite proud of my managing to belt out praises of her cooking amidst my body’s silent screams of of GAAAAH AAAAAAH GAAAAH IT’S BAAAD MY MOUUUTH MY BEAUTIFUL BOUUUUTH RAAAAAAH MAKE IT STAAAAHP GAAAAAAH.



We will be close friends even if we break up.



I cheated on my then GF some years ago and there were multiple witnesses, including close friends of her, and they told her what I had done. She was so into me and trusted me so much that she would believe anything I said, so I denied it and said her friends were all lying or had misinterpreted stuff. Hell, there could have been video evidence and I would just have denied it and she would have believed me.

Anyway she confronted one of her close friends about why she was making stuff up about me, and they had a fight and fell apart because of that. I felt really bad about it, because she really cared about me and would have forgiven me if I had confessed. I was an asshole back then.



I don’t want to have sex with any of her friends.



“Of course we’ll try again in a year or two, we just aren’t financially ready for a kid right now”

She got the abortion and it was the biggest favor I could have done for that kid, that lady was psycho. Left her about six months later.



That I don’t watch porn.



Told her a female friend was just a friend. Which was only sort of true. I never thought of her as anything more than a friend, but I had sex with her so many times, I probably didn’t beat that total number with my wife until recently.



That I’m fine, I’m just tired.



“I don’t mind the racist comments your family says about me to my face.”

So I’m older than her, by a few years and we started dating around Christmas a 7 years ago. Her family treats it like a joke, but it gets more descriptive and more aggressive every year. There have been times when I was called their token N****r or that I’m their little porch monkey (I do apologize for the descriptive language) I’ve been through 8-9 failed dating experiences in the past so I guess I’ve always tried to slough it off even though the situation can sometimes gets unbearable. I just didn’t want to be alone and hey they hadn’t tried to hurt me physically so maybe I can take a few remarks now and then was my thinking process.



That I’m 100% straight.

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