12 Men Explain What They See As An ‘Annoying White Girl’ (And Why They Don’t Want To Date Them)

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@greganmay / www.twenty20.com

1. A Life Without Problems

The annoying white girl is middle to upper class who has no clearly definable struggle or problems in their lives. This can lead to them finding the tiniest problems and self righteously speaking about them as if other people are the problem. Or making small problems to be much more important than they are.


2. Vapid Personality

It’s a upper-middle class white girl, from the ages of around 16-30 (the upper limit seems to keep growing). She usually has a college education and leans liberal. But the stereotype isn’t about her background so much as it is about her vapid personality and bland cultural interests.

  • She speaks like a middle schooler who is excited/outraged by the smallest things: That was AMAZING, this gives me LIFE, I’ve lost my faith in humanity, etc.
  • She dresses in very popular clothing: yoga pants, Ugg boots, North Face fleece
  • She is addicted to Starbucks Frappuccinos and pumpkin spice lattes
  • She is obsessed with social media, particularly Instagram, since it allows her to show off and get the validation she craves
  • She’s generally not an intellectual powerhouse
  • She’s consumed with celebrity gossip and pop culture along the lines of reality TV
  • She usually has a standard tattoo like a butterfly
  • She might have vocal tics like the vocal fry or what used to be referred to as a Valley Girl accent
  • She is often very into Disney movies, stuffed animals, and coloring books
  • She tends not to be good with money or other adult responsibilities, which she refers to as “adulting”
  • She tends not to have any passions or hobbies outside of “wine and Netflix” or generic “travel”
  • The words “I love to laugh” will most likely be on her online dating profile


3. Life Owes Them Something

They are essentially upper middle class women who have no discernible skills in life other than being “not horrible” and some can’t even manage that. Practically speaking they don’t really have any value and all power and value they do possess are all derived from those around them (parent’s money, other people’s perception of their potential social value).

They then proceed to roam the Earth and act as if life owes them something.


4. They Create Drama

A white girl who is supported by her parents, SO, or has an easy job. Doesn’t have many issues in their own lives so they have to create drama from time to time, complain constantly on Facebook, and take 500 selfies on Instagram a day to occupy their time. The only positive words you hear from them is their praise for pumpkin spice lattes.


5. AKA The Basic Bitch

The Basic Bitch™ has no genuine interest in learning about other cultures beyond what she can Instagram for her followers. Staying in a 5-star resort isn’t travel, it’s a vacation.


6. Think Kanye And The Kardashians Are ‘Icons’

I think the white girl stereotype comes from the fact that feminism is led by the absolute most privileged class of women-middle/upper class white women. Their grievances are at the forefront of the movement, and they dictate what becomes a “women’s issue.” But when you have people trying to start a movement or trend of not shaving their armpits because it’s “empowering,” the rest of us (i.e., women of color) can’t relate because we have bigger fish to fry. When Kum Kartrashian West and Khloezilla Kartrashian are called what they are, they’re called icons by those “annoying white girls.” Those “annoying white girls” (and other feminists) sure are quiet when Michelle Obama and Serena Williams are called everything but children of God.


7. Vapid, Unskilled, And Hot

Your average annoying white girl will possess a number of traits including, but not limited to:

  • Wealthy/upper class upbringing
  • Fairly/very attractive
  • Poorly educated despite attending a good school

These factors combine to create a girl who is typically vapid, unskilled, and hot. They’re usually given everything in life, have a drug problem of some kind and have almost no self awareness. It’s what happens to a lot of kids that are raised in wealthy families that lack integrity.


8. Actions Without Consequences

The “annoying white girls” stereotypically don’t worry about the same repercussions for their actions that women of color or men do.


9. No Self-Awareness

If you want to know where “annoying white girls” come from, it’s typically from a life bereft of self-awareness or personal responsibility.

The hotter the girl, the more the world has generally failed her in terms of demanding she accept responsibility for the life she creates for herself (good or bad).


10. #Adulting

Lately it seems that culture has swung towards glamorizing being an incompetent adult (e.g. “lol I hate people and want to just sit at home and drink wine, don’t make me grow up”) but only if you’re female. Men who do this are called manchildren, but women aren’t. It’s considered “funny.” So when they actually do behave like normal adults, they need a special word for it. “Adulting.” For example, “I got dressed today and did all my housework and cooked a real dinner. #adulting.”


11. Act Like Idiots In Public

I’ve been out of the country many times in the past 10 years to multiple countries on almost every continent. I’ll just say that American white girls are ALWAYS easy to pick out.

It’s kinda inflammatory to say… but they act like idiots in public. They also seem to move in packs, with at least one annoying and oblivious girl that won’t stop talking.


12. Flashes Entitlement To Lyft Drivers

It’s this girl.

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