11 Men Share The Most Memorable Date A Woman Ever Took Them On

via Unsplash - Michael Ramey
via Unsplash – Michael Ramey

Unfortunately, it’s still rare for women to ask men out on dates but for those that have been asked out it can be one of the most memorable experiences they’ve ever had. Take a chance and make someone’s day. 


It was a hands-on science museum. We got to try loads of different things, also had a 360 screened room with spinning chairs showing a documentary of Henry Ford I believe.

But that sort of wins by default since the only other time I’ve been taken out was to a zoo. It started to rain and all the animals went inside for shelter, myself included.



This girl had to cancel our plans one night, so the next day she suggested that we go to a haunted house. That’s the only time I can remember being asked out to anything other just dinner. I highly recommend it, though.



My favorite dates she has come up with were all either super cozy and intimate and romantic, or focused on us being an awesome team.

I’ve had great fun with a date similar to escape the room that she came up with – it was a puzzle solving thing where you had to defuse a “bomb”, with two teams competing. We were team one, and it was fuckin ace, because working as a team and killing it is an amazing experience for a couple. Along the same lines, team 3D archery (run and gun through the forest with a bow and arrows and shoot fake animals made of cloth and wood) has been amazing, biathlon together counting points as a team, even being handcuffed together for 24 hours and having to solve puzzles was great, blahblahblah, anything that reminds us of how great we are as a team is super.

I’ve also had great fun with the purely romantic dates she has come up with, sitting above the fog in winter and watching the sun rise, or spending a weekend in her parent’s lakeside cabin, or horsey sleigh riding, or even just sitting in a cafe cuddled up to each other – nothing suitably romantic and intimate is great for me too.



I went on a date with a girl I met on OKCupid. She worked at the George Peabody Library in Baltimore and wanted to bring me on a date while it was closed one day. It looks like this on a normal day.

Anyways, she took me to the top of the library (probably our 3rd date). Nobody was there. We were surrounded by dusty book shelves that haven’t been touched or cleaned in years, and then took me to a back room that had original copies of books like this original version of Winnie the Poo, and we talked about our favorite authors, books and poets. We literally just sat on the 5th floor together, doing the whole “leg-touch flirting” thing, but never made it past a kiss (I’m an idiot). We had a great conversation for a solid 2 hours.

Probably the most fun and memorable dates I’ve ever been on. I felt like a kid again.



We went to an amusement park, there were pool noodles somewhere, I don’t remember if it’s a carnival prize or just some toy we bought, we pretended to be samurais in the middle of a sword fight in the middle of the park center. We then proceeded to beat the living shit out of each other with pool noodles while kids were watching.



There’s a long stretch of road in my town, with all the coffee shops, ethnic food eateries, and weird little specialty shops. We went on the whole date, walking up the road, daring each other to steal a napkin from the store we past. I won when she was too shy to go into a fancy italian restaurant and get one of the nicer napkins. I got a victory kiss.

I went on another date (different woman) were she was a photographer, so we went to take pictures of spiders and spider webs. Also hung out at the river’s shore for a while. That was cool.



Comedy shows are a very underrated date idea. There’s an improv club in my city where every Thursday night is Ladies Night so if you show up before 7:30 (show starts at 8 and there’s a bar), women get in free and it’s $10 for me…kinda makes it tough for them to say no to a first date.

It’s a pretty safe bet that men like arcade games, especially the older ones they grew up playing. The old school arcade bars seem to have been popping up recently so if there’s one of those around you, that’d be a solid choice.

I personally would be 100% down for downsledding but I live in a climate where that’s not a possibility.

A girl once asked me to a minor league hockey game for a first date which scored her MAJOR cool points as I’m a big hockey fan and to know that she was also into hockey and willing to go to a minor league game to boot was a huge plus for her (this is before I moved to my current warmer climate).

Instead of just going to a bar, there’s an organization in my city which puts on bar crawls on a fairly regular basis (probably a pretty good side-gig for any budding entrepreneurs out there) and each one has a theme so there’s an Ugly Sweater one coming up, they’ve done a Pokemon Go and Harry Potter themed one in the past and they’re a blast. You could also plan your own and explore some places you’ve never been before and make some sort of goofy rule like for the whole night you’ll order each others drinks…not pay for them, but judge what it is you think they’ll like that’s what they have to drink.

Hopefully one of these options will work for you, have fun!



She suggested we go to a local folk music show. It wasn’t my scene, but I came to appreciate the musicians’ dedication and passion for their work. Plus it was great to hear her talk about something she loved.



A girl brought me to a weekly swing dancing event I learned how to swing dance and got better every week and it was a lot of fun!



I’ve only been brought on one date, and it was when my ex took me in an open-canopy biplane ride for my birthday (I’m an airplane geek). It was fucking awesome. But really, just the novelty of a girl bringing a guy out for a date will be enough to make almost anything you suggest pretty cool. Just pick something you think he’d enjoy, it doesn’t have to be grand or spectacular but we also can’t tell you what he likes.



In my experience girls are usually pretty bad at planning dates. They’re almost always dressy dinners, which I guess is fun for them because they take pictures to show off on social media, but it’s really just a big bill from my perspective.

Best one was a girl I dated a bit in college who was house-sitting for her aunt and uncle over the summer, and they had a huge pool. We grilled out and swam in the pool, watched the NBA finals on the patio after. Was definitely a top-5 all time date, but hard to replicate.

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