21 Women Who Got Pregnant From Casual Sex Reveal What It Was Like To Keep The Baby And Why They Did It

Sometimes casual sex can lead to an unexpected family and serious life changes.

6. Twins From A Casual Relationship

I have twins from a casual relationship. I am very pro-choice and I chose to keep them. It was a high risk pregnancy and he was around when it suited his schedule. I allowed him to be there when I was laboring, but when it was time to push and I could only have one person, I chose my mom. After they were born, again he saw them when it suited his schedule. He had an order for very minimal child support and never paid it (this was before automatic-withdrawal, or he worked under the table.)

I met my now-husband online, and we got married. I petitioned the court to be allowed to leave the state and still get child support. It was granted. I told my ex where we were moving, gave him my number, and didn’t hear from him or get child support ever. Eventually I petitioned the court to terminate my ex’s rights so my husband could adopt them. My ex fought it, saying our children were too young to understand, but he wanted a relationship when they got older. The judge absolutely tore him a new one, saying you don’t get to CHOOSE when you’re a parent.

My twins are teenagers. They just met their birth dad over the summer. He now has a drug problem and no gainful employment. My twins were not impressed. My husband is a very involved dad and they love him.

I’m glad it worked out well for all of us, but I think the key was moving far away from the ex. Also, my ex’s mom, my twins grandma, was a lovely kind involved grandma until her death (which is where my twins met their birth dad, at her funeral). She never made it awkward and I’m grateful for all her help and support over the years.


7. Casual Partner Becomes Awesome Husband And Father

My baby is eight weeks old and he was conceived with a casual partner. We had been dating exclusively but casually for five months when we got pregnant. We were also long distance and two weeks after I got pregnant (unaware that I was) we decided to end things because of the distance (six hours drive). I found out I was pregnant three weeks later. I called him and told him. We’ve been together again ever since that phone call. We moved in together. He helped me through pregnancy and he was there when our gorgeous son was born. We are saving to buy a house together. He’s helping me set up my own company. But most importantly, he is an amazing father. He loves our boy so much, and he helps out with nappies and feeding (I combination feed as he’s just a really really hungry baby). He’s teaching me how to drive, he gets up during the night with me if there’s a problem with feeding. We still have an incredible sex life, it was amazing during pregnancy and afterwards too…. It seems to have really worked out for us. I hope it lasts.


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