21 People Share Why Sleeping With An Ex Is Never, Ever A Good Idea (EVER!)

1. You Want Them Again

I slept with my ex because he's the only one I know can give me exactly what I want. Now I want him back and can't have him.

2. You Never Know What They’ve Been Up To

Just slept with my ex.. and he now decides to tell me that he's sleeping with 2 other people.

3. The Feelings Are Always Mixed

I had sex with my ex last night and now I wish I didn't because I'm laying beside him feeling regret.

4. If You’re Still In Love It’s Nothing But Pain

Slept with my ex last night. I'm in love with him, he's in love with someone else. I'm an idiot, but I can't stop.

5. You Start To Feel Like Their “Yours” Again

I slept with my ex and then later found out who he had been with and now I'm not sure if I should have:/

6. It’s Always “Up In The Air”

I slept with my ex. Don't want her to get the wrong idea. She said it was just sex so maybe everything is cool.

7. It Brings Out The Worst In You

I slept with my ex the other night and felt nothing, but I still want him to want me. Is that wrong?

8. Because You End Up Disappointed In Yourself

Slept with my ex...again. I went a whole year without messing up and fucked it up in 20 minutes. Shit !

9. Because It’s Just Not How It Was

Had sex with an ex last night. I missed him so much. We even made love. He spent the night. And we were woken up by a girl calling him to FaceTime. I want to throw up.

10. It Can Leave You Empty

I need to stop having sex with my ex. I always feel completely numb after he leaves.

11. Because It Can Hurt Others Too

I slept with my ex. He has a new girlfriend now. I don't feel bad. He was mine first.

12. Because Sex And Love Can Get So Confused

I had sex with my ex because I thought it would make him love me again & want me back.

13. Because It Gets Weird

I had sex with my ex. we both knew it was a mistake. we were drunk. I hope it doesn't get weird.

14. You Can Feel Used And Like You’re Using Someone You Loved Once

I still have sex with my ex boyfriend because for those few minutes I feel like he's mine again. I feel so used.

15. You Knew You’d Feel Terrible Afterward And Now You Do

I regret having sex with my ex when I knew I'd feel terrible about it.

16. 90% Of The Time You Might Feel Used

I still have sex with my ex to feel that emotional connection..but 9/10 times I regret it after and feel used

17. You Never Know What Feelings Will Come Up

I had sex with my ex. While we both enjoyed it I felt nothing afterwards, he just felt guilt.

18. Because You Can’t Make Them Love You Again

I keep having sex with my ex, knowing he doesn't want a relationship with me. I need to STOP! 😭🔫

19. It Keeps You From Moving On

I can't stop having sex with my ex because he's the best I've had. But it's breaking my heart.

20. You Won’t Know What You Feel

Had sex with my ex.. It was a great but at the same time it was a horrible idea >.< I still love him 💔

21. Because It’s One-Sided Now

Slept with my ex last night. Still felt the spark. He didn't. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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