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I Could Have Loved You Forever

I remember that fateful day,
the light in my eyes,
the ease of my footsteps,
the wide smile on my face
as I looked at you trustingly,
pitifully unaware of how my world was going to crumble in the next second.

Up to that point in time, you could do no wrong.
You were my safe harbor sworn to protect me from shipwreck and ruin.
You were my lighthouse guiding me out of dark and turbulent times.
You were my anchor, the only one I could depend on to chase away chaos and confusion.

I could have reached for the stars
for you to smile adoringly at me.
I could have ripped my heart out and presented it to you
for a glimpse of your affection.
I could have gone to the end of the Earth,
for anywhere with you was home.

So, you can imagine my disbelief,
my shock,
my dear heart breaking into an irreversible, million pieces,
when you told me that it was better to go our separate ways.

Your face was impassive and indifferent as you explained to me why you made this decision.
I blinked, utterly devastated as my entire world came crashing down before my very eyes.
I opened my mouth and wordless screams echoed piercingly in my head.

I looked at the stranger you have become
standing before me.
I felt abandoned and lost,
broken-hearted and inconsolable.

For how do you convince the love of your life to stay when he has stopped loving you?
What do you say to him when he tells you he felt nothing for you?
How can I ever move on from this when I felt like I could never be happy again?

You see, I could have loved you
till the end of time
if you did not see
the end of us.

Everything was perfect
until you decided that
I wasn’t.

All I wanted was for us to stay together,
for you to keep your simple promise.
All I wanted was for you to love me forever.

I write about falling in love and out of love.

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