If He Likes You, You Will Know

If He Likes You, You Will Know

I know how excruciatingly painful it is to wait for a text that would never come. To wait for someone to change his mind and feel the same way as you do about him. To be drowning in your own insecurity and uncertainty feeling like you would never be good enough.

Right now, you’re hesitating to drop him a text. You’re hovering between wanting to try harder or ending whatever is between both of you. You’re torn acting like you’re not bothered by it and wanting to ask him what is he really thinking. You’re tired of feeling like you’re the one who cares more yet the potential of what this would lead to stopped you coldly from cutting it off with him. You’re confused and unhappy wondering if the glimpses of care he has shown you on occasion is enough for you to stay and try to make it work.

The thing is that if he likes you, you will know.

If you have to wonder about his feeling, chances are he’s not interested. If you have to try and get his attention, most likely he hasn’t been thinking about you. If you have to compromise all the time, he probably doesn’t care for you as much as you think he does.

Unrequited love hurt and it hurt even more if the person continues to string you along and keep you as a second option. It’s damaging to your self-esteem as you wonder if there’s anything wrong with you that makes him unable to commit. It’s affecting you adversely as you find yourself struggling to stay afloat.

I hope you realize that his incapacity to love you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with him. There is nothing you could have done to allow him to fall in love with who you are and choose you without any reserve.

I hope you find the courage and wisdom to walk away. Walk away from the unnecessary drama that causes you so much untold pain. Walk away from the vicious cycle that has become your new comfort zone. Walk away from your fear and insecurity that you couldn’t find the love that you truly deserve.

Because one day in the near future, you will be okay again. This heaviness in your chest would stop hurting. The current situation that caused you so much anguish would cease to matter. The person that you thought broke you would no longer affect you. The pain that seemed perpetual and a permanent part of you faded to a barely noticeable ache.

And one day in the eventual future, you would find the right person whom you have been dreaming about. Love would be as easy as you imagined it to be. Not because it’s magical but because for the first time, it would be mutual. Both of you are equally devoted and committed to making the relationship work. By then, you would be glad for the loves that left too soon as they were the ones that lead you to the one that lasts.

So until then, please don’t settle in love. Don’t try so hard for a relationship that has run its course. Don’t wait for someone to change his mind. Don’t ever feel you’re undeserving of love.

You deserve the world and you should never have to settle for someone who doesn’t see that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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