This Is How I’ll Know You’re My Forever Person

Elliott Dunning

I’ll know you’re my forever person when love stops being so hard.

It stops being an elusive goal I have to chase. It stops being a one-sided affair that I have to fight so hard for. It stops being a painful reminder of all the times it failed me. I’m not the easiest person to be around. I tend to overthink about many things and I feel insecure that I’m not good enough. I’m clumsy and I have more flaws than strengths. Yet none of this seems to matter when I’m with you.

When I look at you, I don’t feel an ache in my chest imagining the possibility of not seeing you again. When I text you, I don’t feel the agonized slow torture of waiting for your reply. When I tell you I love you, I mean it truly and not as a desperate attempt to recreate what was lost. When I’m with you, I’m truly content to be basking in the moment feeling that home is wherever you are.

I’ll know you’re my forever person when you uplift me in the best ways.

You give me the most beautiful memories in all that we do together. Of us racing each other in the rain. Of kisses that send my heart fluttering. Of big laughter, overwhelming happiness, and your wide beautiful smile that instantly makes everything seems okay.

I love to wake up to you beside me when the rest of the world hasn’t awakened and this is our safe haven. I love to talk to you, feeling like my burden has lightened and troubles have drifted away as you offer me your listening ear. I love to hear all about you as you inspire me with your motivational self and make me aspire to greater heights. I love to fall asleep next to you, to your breathing, and to the steady beat of your heart as I slowly slip off to sweet dream knowing you will be there when I wake up. I love to live in the moment with you, ticking off the item on my bucket list one by one, and knowing you’ll be there to catch me when I fall. I love to be in your presence giving me an irreplaceable feeling of warmth, familiarity, and safety that I can never find anywhere else.

I’ll know you’re my forever person when every day feels like an adventure with you.

Suddenly the thought of forever doesn’t seem too intimidating. My future is no longer a blank canvas that I feel lost about. Whatever it may hold for me, I know that it is with you. I can see us falling more madly, passionately, and fully in love as the days pass.

I can see us stepping into new milestones and conquering the challenges that make the experience more fulfilling. I can see us learning, thriving, and growing in our journey while staying eternally happy with each other. I can see us walking into the sunset hand in hand, and being as besotted with each other decades down the road.

From the moment I met you, we have been embarking on adventures together ever since. In the midst of it all, I realize that I could spend all my waking moment with you and it won’t be enough. I realize that I want nothing less than a forever with you, my forever person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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