When He Comes Back, Don’t Go Back To Him

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When he comes back as you know he would, this is what you should do.

Firstly remember the last time you talk to him. How long it had been since you heard from him. The initial hurt that you went through when he seemed to disappear from the face of the earth. The lack of closure that haunted you for many days and weeks afterward.

Think of the aching pain in your heart when he left you in the lurch. How he wasn’t the one you thought he was when he couldn’t step up and reciprocate your feelings. How everything was all about him- the ways you have to always accommodate him, the excuses you have to tolerant, the timing that has never been right, and the toxic behaviors that tear you apart from the inside.

Recall to the instances of how he hasn’t been there for you when you need him the most. How you had given him your heart yet never caught a glimpse of his. How he was the cause of your misery when he had the power to affect your mood with a flick of his fingers.

Because as you realized now, he wasn’t the lighthouse you thought he was. He was the darkness that spread like venom until you couldn’t see straight and left you in a wreckage of broken pieces. He wasn’t the miracle that you had hoped he was. He was your demise that would eventually ruin you by dashing all your dreams and made you guarded with your heart. He wasn’t the salvation that you wished for. He was your undoing who pushed you to the edge with your broken heart.

He wasn’t your person and he never will be. He was just selfish, treating you as his convenience and option until someone better comes. He was immature, no idea what he wanted and persisted to drag you down with him. He was inconsistent with his words and actions, leaving you in a mess of confusion and instability.

But now you have the choice to do it differently this time.

You have the ability to choose a different ending. You have the power to walk away from the one who hurt you the most.

So when you receive his text after all this while, you will do well to remember how it all went down before and then, let it go.

Let go of how you think you need him. Let go of the love for him because this isn’t love. Let go of the possibility that it could be different and there is a different outcome.

Let go of how you think you should keep him in your life. Let go of this endless cycle you are trapped in and decided today is the day you will change it.

Let it all go and ignore his text. Don’t let him come back and affect your peace of mind. Don’t ignore the blatant red flags warning you that everything would eventually come crashing down. Don’t believe for a second that he would be different.

Don’t ever go back to him.

Because this time, you’re ready to do things differently. You’re ready to meet your person and one that you realized can never be him. TC mark

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