You Deserve Someone Who Gives You Their Absolute Best

You Deserve Someone Who Gives You Their Absolute Best
Anita Peeples

You don’t deserve this heartache you’re experiencing right now. You don’t deserve this terrible yearning for someone who refuses to meet you halfway. You don’t deserve to be abandoned after they gave you a glimpse of what happiness looked like. You don’t deserve to be an option when they have always been your first and only choice. You don’t deserve this anguish that your life is over at the tender age of twenty-something after this wreaking loss.

You don’t deserve the sleepless nights you spent wondering about your unrequited love. You don’t deserve your aching heart and weary soul that haunt your every waking moment. You don’t deserve this ongoing struggle that makes living an uphill battle. You don’t deserve this disappointing defeat that weighed you down heavily unable to walk out of your inner turmoil. You don’t deserve this raging self-hatred that you face daily wishing you were anyone else but you.

You don’t deserve to believe that this is the best you can get.

You don’t deserve chasing after someone who refuses to stay. You don’t deserve to settle for someone that you don’t feel right with. You don’t deserve to shrink yourself to make yourself enough for someone. You don’t deserve someone who left and wants to come back. You don’t deserve to feel hopeless at the prospect of love.

You don’t deserve to feel that you’re not good enough for someone. You don’t deserve to feel that you need to be heartless in order not to get hurt. You don’t deserve this emptiness and a hollow heart feeling that happiness is illusory. You don’t deserve to be bombarded with self-doubt and insecurities of why nobody chooses you. You don’t deserve to think that you aren’t deserving of happiness.

You deserve romance and absolute effort. You deserve to be taken out on a proper date. You deserve to have witty banter and never-ending conversations. You deserve to laugh and just instantly click with someone. You deserve labels and communication at where this is going.

You deserve a love that feels easy like it’s the most natural thing on Earth.

You deserve to be someone’s priority without fighting to be one. You deserve someone who chooses you without any reservation and second thought. You deserve to be cherished and love beyond your wildest imagination.

You deserve thrilling kisses that make your heart flutter. You deserve midnight strolls under the moonlit sky and 3 am heart-to-heart talk. You deserve to fall unequivocally in love. You deserve to meet someone different, someone who is the exception to all the rules. You deserve mutual effort and total commitment to make your relationship work.

You deserve something real and someone who gives you their true authentic self.

You deserve honesty and openness to work through the difficult times together. You deserve someone who is willing to build a future with you. You deserve someone who accepts you for who you are. You deserve someone whose feelings are unmistakable and resolute.

You deserve all that and more. You deserve all the love in the world and someone who gives you their absolute best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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