I’m Ready To Say Goodbye To 2017

saying goodbye to 2017
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2017, I’m ready to say goodbye to you.

You came so fast and in the blink of the eyes, the time has come for you to leave. I’m surprisingly glad that there are no hard feeling or any lingering regret that make it so hard to part with you. You are all that I expect and hope for. Your lessons are timely and serve as an important reminder when I get swept away with the buzzing activities of the everyday life.

2017 had been a year of healing and redemption. I found the courage to remove the toxic people in my life. I chose forgiveness to accelerate my own recovery process. I let go of the need to control my every emotion.

And when I took the plunge, I realized that there was indeed no loss. 

In truth, I gained the clarity of my mind to be who I am instead of being weighed down by their harmful presence and destructive words. In letting them go, I found my identity and the person that I’m meant to be. In walking boldly into the future, I’m embracing exciting changes to bring me to the places I’m supposed to go. In forgiving the mistakes of the past, I’m giving myself the opportunity to be the bigger person and rise from the ashes of yesterday.

2017 had been a year of accepting the person I am and the path I’m taking. I found contentment in my journey and I’m grateful to be at the place I am. I accepted myself wholeheartedly and I’m excited about growing to be my ideal self.

No longer do I constantly scramble for the next best thing while dismissing casually of what I had achieved previously. I stopped eyeing for the next prize to possess but to slow down and be still in the moment. I stopped being obsessed with wanting to know the next step but being present in the moment.

I started becoming more in tune with my feeling and appreciating how happiness is a constant work in progress and not a destination that I can rush towards. I started embracing my flaws and insecurities as they make them me instead of surrendering to the dark voices in my head telling me that, I wasn’t good enough. I started loving my own life and cherishing all the blessing in my life instead of being submerged in my negativity.

2017 had been a year of growth and radial changes.

I learned to jump start on what I want instead of waiting for time to pass me by. I learned to seize the day and spend time with my loved ones. I learned to be comfortable outside of my comfort zone so that I can soar higher and reach greater height. I learned to move on from what wasn’t working and focus on what is going well.

With that goodbye 2017, I’m ready to let you go.

I’m ready for 2018 to begin. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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