This Is Me Accepting That Our Love Has Ended

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Amadeo Muslimovic

This is me accepting that there is no us.

Our fate has ended long ago and our destinies are not with each other. I’m accepting that all the old dreams I had of us went up in flames when you torched our wilted love and left us in ashes. I’m accepting that all the naive adoration and idealistic beliefs I had of you are gone with the wind when you ripped off your mask and broke my heart remorselessly time and time again.

I’m accepting your significance in my past and embracing how you no longer define my future.

I’ve accepted that it is finally the time for a change. I’ve spent a large portion of my life chained to you, and the remainder being absorbed in the memories of you. And this is going to stop from now on.

I’ve accepted that my happiness is not with you and never have been. I know that you have moved on with your life and I, too with mine. I hope that you can go on and love her and truly let me go. I’ve come to see that you choosing her over me doesn’t dictate my worth. I’ve realized the blessing in disguise of us not working out.

I’m accepting that I have to forgive what I thought was unforgivable so that I can move on with my life.

I’m grateful that time and distance have healed my tattered soul and my wounded heart. I’ve chosen to forgive you and I’m encouraged by my own strength and resilience from the adversity that life gave me in the form of you. I’m able to let go of past animosity and anger so that I can reclaim the serenity and peace of my mind. I’ve decided to let you go so that I can finally be happy.

This is me saying goodbye to you for good. There are no more lingering emotions or unspoken words. No more ifs or what could have beens. No more one last time or any pretense that we could ever be friends.

I’ve accepted that we’re no longer in each other’s lives for a reason. Not even birthday wishes, holiday greetings, or random texts. No reaching out to create something out of nothing. No need to reminisce on the past out of boredom.

Nothing except vast distance that is growing endlessly even further.

This is me accepting that our goodbye is for real this time and our roles in each other’s stories have ended.

I’m accepting that we’re going on different life paths that will never intercept or have a chance of overlapping.

I’m ready to put you in my past to where you’re supposed to be. I’ve grown stronger from the wreckage that you left me in and become the person I’m proud of. I’ve begun to walk towards my future where it is brimming with sunshine and overwhelming happiness. I’ve learned to see that I wasn’t a helpless victim, but a fierce survivor from the hurt that you’ve inflicted on me. I’ve found my happiness and I’m busy chasing after my dreams in a life that excludes you.

This is me moving on from you, forever altered by the lessons you gave me and determined to never repeat them.

I will remember the lessons you taught me. That the worse kind of love is one that I settle for, believing this is the best I can get. The kind that holds me captive instead of allowing me to soar high and free. The kind that I cling onto tightly, thinking that this is better than the scary alternative of being alone. The kind that leaves me in helpless paralysis at the thought of losing you. The kind that doesn’t inspire me to dream bigger, laugh louder and live better. The kind that doesn’t challenge me to grow and intrigue my mind.

This is me living my best possible life without you. You have found your happiness, and so have I. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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