This Is How She Will Let You Go

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She loves you too much.

Her presence in your life radiates like the glittering stars that won’t dwindle. She believes that you and her fates are intertwined and written in the constellations. Her love for you is as endless and infinite as the vast universe that stretches into eternity.

She has worn her feeling on her sleeves and shown you her heart. She has proven her loyalty to you and won’t hesitate to set herself ablaze to save you.

It doesn’t matter how badly she’s hurting because of you. She won’t ask for you to heal all the broken pieces of her heart. She won’t expect you to save her from the bottomless abyss. She won’t dream of finding the love that would instantly complete her. She won’t dare to hope for happiness that always feel out of reach for her.

In fact, even in your brutal rejection she just wants to try harder. In your coldness, she doesn’t let it deter her. And naturally, you thought she would always be there.

But take heed—there’ll come a time when she will walk away from you.

She may treat you like her whole world but one day, she’s going to stop caring. She may act as through she needs you, but one day there’ll be a breaking point when she realizes she’s worthy of more. She may think she can never stop loving you, but one day she’ll accept that she has to let you go for her own good.

Because she knows that she deserves more. Because girls like her are few and far between and you’ll regret letting her go. Because she has given you her very best but you continued to string her along and think you can do better.

When that day comes, she hopes that you realize what you had and what you threw away.

Because once she decides to move on from you, she’s never going to look back. She’ll walk away with lightness and serenity that she’s unable to attain when she was with you.

At the sight of your familiar smile that used to be her undoing, now nothing can move her stone cold heart. In your presence that used to fill her with awe and admiration, she wants nothing to do with you. In your words that used to hold so much power over her, now they’re merely sounds that mean nothing to her.

She may still have lingering feelings for you, but she’ll make sure you never know. Only safely tucked away from your presence does she acknowledge that she still misses you. Only in the still of the night when you’re no longer around, she admits that she loved you and wishes things can be different.

But as time passes and distance thickens between you and her, she understands that she’ll soon forget about you.

She knows that she’ll recover from the devastation you made of her life. She accepts what happened and she just wants to start afresh. She learns that everything happened for a reason and she’s relieved to let you go. For she believes that she’ll be happier without you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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