This Is Why She Won’t Text You Back

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She stopped replying to your text because she has seen you for who you really are and accepted that you could never feel the same way as she did for you.

She used to wait by her phone eagerly as she anticipated your texts. She tried her best to inject her most enthusiastic self into the conversation, even as you gave her short and disinterested replies. She liked you best in her imagination, as she made up excuses for your lack of concern and deluded herself into thinking you like her more than you let on.

She realized that as often as you text her, whatever that was between you and her would remain behind phone screens and could not progress beyond that. In the midst of the stolen moments and the long stretches of time, she knew you had walked away with her heart and left her entirely absorbed in your presence. She wanted to know you beyond the superficial surface and shallow appearances. She wanted to devote her whole heart to you. She wanted to stop wasting time and to be with you.

Yet you continued to slip out of her grasp and left her guessing your intention. You dropped enough hints to let her think you were interested. You put in the minimum effort to keep her around. You misled her into believing that you wanted to be with her.

She stopped replying to your texts because she finally decided to stop breaking her own heart and to move on from you.

She used to rise and fall at any indication of your reply. She would grab her phone excitedly when it buzzed, thinking it was you. Her face fell in disappointment when she realized it wasn’t you and she wished that everyone could stop texting her as the only text she wanted was yours.

She stared at her phone for the thousandth times wishing you would talk to her. She started to overthink about what she said and let insecurities creep up to her as she wondered if she was the reason you were acting the way you did.

As much as she liked you, she hated the way she was with you. She was hesitant to put you first in her life. She wouldn’t stop liking you, even when you came and went as you pleased. She wouldn’t stop hurting herself for any chance that you may like her back.

And as she found herself in the ruin of her heartbreak, she came to realize that she was responsible for her own unhappiness. She had a feeling you would hurt her but she persisted in clinging onto you and hoping to change the inevitable. She wanted you so much that she ignored all the warning signs wishing that she could change your mind. She loved the idea of you so much that she thought she was in love with you.

She stopped replying to your text because she has met someone else who is able to love her in the way that you were unable to.

While all you did was lift her hopes up in vain, he has shown up when it mattered. When you used to leave her in tears with your cruel words and your thoughtless actions, he has dedicated his utmost effort into making her smile. Where you were all about being casual and unable to commit to anything serious with her, he has made his feelings crystal clear with her since the very beginning and he wants more than anything to be with her.

You may have caught her eyes from the start and dazzled her with who she thought you were, but now, she has finally woken up from her deception.

She won’t text you back because she has finally found the happiness she deserves, and it is not with you.

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