This Is How It Feels To Date Your Forever Person


Your forever person is not someone whose every inch is perfect, but he is someone who strives to love you with everything he has. Rain or shine, in joyful and difficult times, he wants to be with you everyday of his life.

Where for the first time in forever, you can truly be yourself.

You stop feeling sick to your stomach wondering if he’s going to reply to you. You stop having to analyze his every word and lack of action, questioning if he likes you. You stop ending up in tears worried that he’s leaving you.

Instead, he shows up when he says he would and every promise comes to fruition.

Every text message is replied to and you don’t have to rack your brain to keep the conversation going. Every inch of your heart is full as he holds your hand promising to never let go. Every I love you that’s uttered is not a desperate bid to hold onto him, but to truly proclaim how deeply you care for him.

This is the person who you are proud to introduce to your friends and family members. He’s the one who will meet their approval and get their blessing. He’s the one who makes you cry tears of joy when he continuously strives to make you happy.

Your forever person is someone who you don’t have to try so hard with because you are perfectly enough.

You no longer feel that your love is one-sided or you are fighting a losing battle to keep someone in your life. You stop feeling unworthy of love with someone who has hurt you for the umpteenth time. You stop feeling chained to him as though you are losing pieces of yourself to a point when you can no longer recognize your reflection.

In fact, this is the person who fights even harder to be with you and make sure your happiness is his priority.

When you keep quiet, he knows immediately something is bothering you. When you fall sick, he rushes over to take care of you. When you feel lonely, he is all too willing to fill up the void in your life with his presence and mend the gap in your heart.

He never takes your presence for granted and constantly does little things for you to show that he cares. He takes the time to text you because he enjoys sharing his day with you. He thinks of you all the time and makes it known to you. He misses you when he didn’t get to see you and makes concrete plan to meet up with you.

Your forever person is someone who you can see a future with and who makes you excited for forever to begin.

He won’t keep you waiting for him to change to be someone you can see yourself with. He won’t let you wait for him to be ready to get together with you. He won’t waste your time keeping you as an option to ease his boredom.

Instead, he doesn’t see you as a temporary company but a lifetime companion.

This is the person who makes you want to take a leap of faith and love with every inch of your heart and soul. He makes you believe in the happy ending you see in fairytales and romantic movies. He makes you have faith that you and he will defy all odds to be together till the very end. He makes you feel unbelievably blessed and blissful every day of your life.

There are just no others that can take his place. No one you want to be with. Nobody who can love you the way he does.

This is how it feel like to be with your forever person. Everything is easy and you are simply happy. And with him by your side, forever doesn’t seem long enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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