To The Girls Who Love With Their Whole Hearts

Christian Acosta

This is for the girl who loves fiercely and gives herself selflessly without holding herself back.

She won’t know how to give up when it comes to love. It is not her blood to admit defeat the instance she hit a roadblock in love. It is not like her to cower in resignation at the first sign of troubles in her journey to finding love.

She goes after what she wants passionately and with all the gusto she can manage. Her love is wild and unrestrained because that is the girl she is. She won’t stop chasing and loving the one she has set her sights on. Despite how he has turned his back on her and won’t give her the time of his day, the flames of attraction she feels towards him cannot be extinguished. Despite her knowing that she and him have no future together, she feels hopeful the moment he does something nice for her. Despite how he has repeatedly shown a lack of regard for her, the admiration she holds for him refuses to cease away.

This is for the girl who always puts on a strong front and doesn’t want people to see her broken heart.

She always has a smile on her face despite what kind of day she’s having. She’s the one who’s there for her friends even when she’s the one who needs help. The one who seems like she has her life together when nobody knows that she’s falling apart inside.

No matter what happens, she brings her best self forward. She may feel unworthy and heartbroken over the sting of his rejection, yet she makes sure nobody can see the tears shimmering in her eyes.

The truth is that sometimes she wishes she could change the way she loves. She wishes she could harden her resolve and build a wall around her heart to prevent anyone from getting close to her. She wishes she could be a realist instead of being so emotional and attached to people so easily.

She wishes she could stop holding onto people so tightly and learn to let go. She wishes could learn to be more heartless and stop giving out second chances.

But whatever happens, she is not ashamed of her feelings towards him. She doesn’t blame herself for his inability to love her. For she knows the way she loves is not wrong. Her only fault is that she loves the wrong person.

She had simply chosen someone who was not ready to receive the love she showered on him. But the right person? He will appreciate her for who she is.

Her heart is big and forgiving because she can forever see the positive in every situation. She believes in sunshine after the rain. She looks for rainbow after the storm. She has faith that new beginnings prevail after the darkest ordeals. She is convinced that happy endings and true love exist.

This is for the girl who stays true to her feelings and who refuses to chase after people because she knows her own worth and she deserves nothing less than happiness.

But after awhile of trying and hoping, she remembers that as much she likes him and want to put him first, she is ultimately still the most important person in her life. She knows that she cannot devote her whole heart to loving someone because who then will love her?

She cannot keep giving pieces of herself with no reciprocation, as she too will feel tired and drained. At the end of the day, she knows that even if things don’t work out, she doesn’t regret the chance she takes and for giving her all.

For love is always worth it and she knows that one day, she will find the love she deserves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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