This Is Why She’s Scared To Fall In Love With You

Vladislav Muslakov

She is afraid of getting together with you because she has loved and lost before.

In every relationship that she was in, she gave everything. She was willing to go to great lengths to make them happy. She put their needs above herself. There were stormy days, but she was undeterred by them, believing that the better days were around the comer. There were harsh words exchanged and irreversible damage done, yet she was willing to rise above the challenges and overcome obstacles.

Yet somehow it was never enough.

She gave her heart and soul to a dying relationship that could not be revived, even with her most optimistic effort.

She realized, as much as she loved someone, she could not love someone into loving her. She learned as much as she wanted to hold onto someone, people inevitability changed and left.

She is cautious in letting you into her life because she’s scared of commitment and she’s worried about losing you.

She’s fearful that in such a short amount of time, you have grown to be someone important to her. She feels that once she has you, she would have everything to lose. She’s apprehensive that once you know her real self, you may change your mind about her.

But she hopes that you can understand that she is feeling this way after going through what she did. She has reason to be, after putting in her one hundred percent effort and having everything backfire on her. She has every right to be, considering how she has always tried her best and somehow it isn’t enough.

She has built a protective shield around her, ensured that her walls are sky-high and her heart is under lock and key. She has experienced, first hand, how quickly a blossoming love can turn ashen. She has seen how people changed during the most trying times and their true colors. She has witnessed how even the strongest love could not withstand the test of time and she’s not sure if you and she can be the exception to heartbreak.

She is terrified of loving you because she’s afraid you are going to break her heart.

It took her a long time to get over her broken heart and to be where she is today. That is why she is not going to give away her heart easily. She’s not going to waste her time on casual relationship that leads to nowhere. She’s not going to change herself in the hopes of getting someone to change their mind about her.

For she vows to only get into a relationship if that is what she wants and certain of. She pledges to do things differently this time around.

She wants to fall in love with her eyes wide open. She wants to know exactly what she is getting into when she makes the choice to be with you. She wants you to know all about her as she wants to make sure she is what you’ve been searching for. She wants to listen to her gut instinct and do what feels right to her.

And if you are willing to be patient with her and continue to love her and show her how you are not going anywhere, she promises you the same thing to you and nothing less.

She promises to stop being afraid and to love you with her whole heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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