Wait For The Guy Who Is Worth The Wait

Joao Silas

Wait for the guy who knows it is you that he’s waiting for.

He is different from all the guys that you usually meet. He is not like the dates that leave you disappointed in the aftermath. He is not like the ex who broke your heart.

He doesn’t believe in causal dating without commitment and he won’t string you along for months. He doesn’t keep you as one of his options and he won’t treat you as an afterthought.

He believes in the old-fashioned love that is almost unheard of in this modern era.

Rather than texting that goes nowhere, he takes things offline and is more interested to know you in real life. Rather than filtered pictures and edited introductions, he doesn’t put up walls and is real with you. Rather than playing mind games and messing with your heart, he is honest about his feelings for you. Rather than giving you a piece of his affection, he gives you his whole, undivided love.

He knows you are the girl for him and he would do anything to show you his sincerity. He wants to be with you and nothing can deter him from getting together with you.

Wait for the guy who doesn’t wait for the perfect girl and a perfect relationship.

He doesn’t expect a girlfriend with flawless skin and a narrow waist. He isn’t besotted with skin-deep beauty and isn’t easily bewitched by physical attraction.

Instead, he is captivated by the way your eyes widen in delight when your favorite movie is playing. He finds himself admiring your fierce optimism and fiery spirit. He falls in love with your stories, the valuable lessons and life-changing experiences that make you the strong person you are today.

He becomes enthralled with the sound of your laughter and he vows to make your happiness his priority. He grows to care for you more and more each day and he sees you as someone important to him.

He is content with what you and he have because he knows that the perfect relationship doesn’t exist. He understands that real love is messy and requires hard work to make it work. And despite the uncertainties that loom ahead, he is willing to face them with you.

Wait for the guy who isn’t perfect but every inch of him is worth the wait.

He isn’t your dream guy that you imagined sweeping you off your feet. He doesn’t fulfill all your checklist of the ideal person. He isn’t six feet tall and doesn’t possess dazzling good looks that take your breath away.

But when it comes to you, he can never stop fighting for you. He will never stop trying. And some part of you knows that he will never stop loving you.

The craziest part is that you feel absolutely the same way about him.

Wait for the guy who is worth the wait because when you meet him, you will finally understand why. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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