Date Someone You Can Be Yourself With


Date someone you can be best friends with. He welcomes you into his inner world with open arms and wants you to be a part of his life. He shares intimate details about himself willingly, as he wants you to know all about him. He goes through ups and downs with you and he won’t abandon you at the first sign of troubles.

There are no secrets or deceits between you. You communicate and trust each other. There are no facades and barriers between you. You are yourself with one another.

He sees you more than a pretty face and genuinely wants to get to know the person you are. His conversations don’t turn sleazy at every turn, and he spends time with you having no ulterior motive. He admires the way you think and he understands you in a way that goes beyond superficial looks and small talk. He is accepting of your flaws and he won’t dismiss your insecurities when worries and dark thoughts start to consume you.

Date someone who wants to build a future with you and whom you can see a forever with.

He doesn’t confuse you with his words or mislead you by saying one thing and doing another. He isn’t afraid of commitment and he definitely won’t run away when things start to get serious. He isn’t afraid of label or to tell you about his feelings towards you.

He doesn’t just want to live in the present with you as he has every intention to make you his future. In fact, the future is not just a remote possibility but rather, it is a destination he wants to arrive with you.

He treats you the way you deserve by putting in his all. He won’t compliment you and say the same thing to the next girl. He won’t kiss you and asks you why. He won’t rush into anything you’re uncomfortable with. He won’t promise you his heart only to break yours.

He breaks down the walls surrounding your heart and for the first time in a long time, you feel hopeful about love. You can see yourself happy with someone.

He is not a rebound to forget your ex-boyfriend, not a temporary companion to ease your boredom, and not just a good boyfriend potential that you think you can settle with.
He is your first choice, your soulmate and the love of your life. There are no others that can compare. There is no one that comes close to what you and he have.

Date someone you are yourself with, and who loves you at your worst.

Someone you can be silly with and laugh until your stomach hurts. Someone who thinks you are just as beautiful whether you are rocking a skin-tight dress or in sweatpants. Someone who doesn’t think you are weird and agree to any crazy ideas you suggest. Someone who doesn’t love you any less when you are in the abyss of despair. Someone who refuses to let you go even when you make it easy to.

He’s someone you can trust not to hurt you under any circumstances.

He thinks the world of you not because you are perfect but because he adores every inch of your flaws and imperfections. He appreciates your authenticity and how you are always yourself when you are with him. He acknowledges your fears and insecurities and never fails to reassure you that you are enough.

Date someone who gives you his heart without reserve and whose love encourages you to love bigger and harder.

His love is tender and kind and it heals your scars from the traumatized past. He shows you that love is not painful and doesn’t always have to hurt you. He makes you believe that you are deserving of love and there is no need for you to change yourself into someone else to be loved.

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